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We’re Afraid of Dinara Safina…

June 4, 2008


And you should be, too.  If this photo of Dinara from the French Open doesn’t just scream “Hey, guess what…I have a penis taped up under this skirt“, then I don’t know what does.

I was a bit surprised when I heard about our lovely #1 seed, Maria Sharapova, getting knocked out so early at Roland Garros by a #13, but after getting a look — long and hard — at the culprit, it all makes perfect sense.  Oh, and I also can’t get The Kinks’ Lola out of my head.

Marat must be so proud, but, if they did some sort of celebrity sibling rivaly match or something, my money would be on Dinara.  Obviously.

Dinara Safina:  That's a man, baby! (alleged penis cropped out of this photo)

Maria Sharapova sucked it up at the 2008 French Open

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