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Great Moments in Unintentional Irony: “Life is Precious” Edition

November 17, 2010


Deer strapped to hood of SUV reminds us all just how precious life really is

There are few things Frump won’t stick his furry little head into, and one of those things is the abortion debate. We don’t intend to offer any position on that matter in this post.

However, though it’s clear that poor deer up there didn’t fall within the “precious” range on someone’s spectrum of life, we certainly don’t mind having a little chuckle at the expense of lexical ambiguity.

“Life” is precious, after all.  And, I mean, what better way to demonstrate that point than by strapping a dead animal to the top of your SUV and parading him about town? I think we can all agree on that at least. 

That and the fact that this particular hunter obviously isn’t driving that Jeep..

Full scale image here

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