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Drunk, possibly high, definitely naked Russian guy provides glimpse of the other side of life in the old Eastern bloc

November 4, 2010


Opulence: this guy may or may not has it.

Direct TV has brought a lot of joy to this world, and not least due to its recent, wildly popular “Rich Russian guy” commercial.

Let’s just say “Santa” is likely up to his eyeballs with mini-giraffe requests this year. I’m also pretty sure the ad forced many Americans — however benevolently — to actually look up the word “opulence,” and that’s a good thing.

Now, just to make sure no one here in the good ole U-S of A was left with the impression that those Commie bastards actually “won” — that being surrounded by gold busts, beautiful women, and genetically modified wildlife was the norm behind the former Iron Curtain — Frump felt it prudent to highlight incidents like this.

If nothing else, consider it the latest addition to our series on Public Intoxication…

Thanks to DBJ for the link to the video!

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Things are about to get…wait…yeah, things just got “nuclar” at Subway

November 3, 2010


Frump recently brought you video of an epic brouhaha at a San Francisco McDonald’s – The Giants Game 2 win over the Rangers in the World Series apparently riled up the locals moreso than usual.

Now, I’m not sure why, but I guess I’ve always considered Subway a somewhat “classier” eatery – at least as far as fast food goes. If nothing else, it’s healthier, right? Jared proves that. But, yeah, maybe we should just leave it at healthier.

It’s not abundantly clear what set this dude off. I mean, as far as I know, Subway’s still running that fantastic Five Dollar Footlong special, so that’s out. Here’s what we do know, however:

  1. Someone apparently asked to see this guy’s ass
  2. This didn’t sit well with him
  3. He may or may not have an irrational fear of telephone cords
  4. In this young man’s lingo, “Getting nuclar up in here” apparently refers to missing wildly with cheap-shot haymakers
  5. After getting wailed on by someone in a University of Texas hoodie (how embarrassing!), he felt it wise to start an illegal, street fighting gambling ring
  6. One month’s salary to this young man is apparently $100
  7. If a Fast Food Fight ensues, don’t bet on the outcome – Just take “Yes” on the prop “Will someone take their shirt off?”
  8. Public intoxication – and/or being a really big douche – can lead to getting tasered
  9. It’s safe to assume – right or wrong – that the cops will always have an itchy trigger finger

Thanks to DBJ for the vid

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