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Raleigh may or may not be really pumped for Sunday’s NHL All-Star game

January 28, 2011


Even Raleigh doesn't know its hosting the 2011 NHL All-Star gameB Diddy’s a big Canes fan. Me, I could take ’em or leave ’em, but I certainly don’t say that callously.

Don’t harbor any ill will towards Frump’s hometown team — North Carolina’s only major professional sports franchise east of Charlotte — it’s simply a matter of my inability, try as I might, to get into hockey.

I just find it utterly uncompelling, honestly, but to each their own.

Unfortunately, the apathetic ignorance highlighted by our local NBC affiliate’s questions on “the big game this weekend” — let alone the Hurricanes franchise itself — suggests I may not be the only Raleigh resident struggling to find a place for hockey in his heart.


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Raleigh and Hurricanes to Host 2011 NHL All-Star Game

April 7, 2010


A source close to the Carolina Hurricanes told me a week ago or so that an announcement was coming soon about Raleigh and the Hurricanes hosting the 2011 NHL All-Star game.  More and more signs point to that announcement coming tomorrow.

According to Dan London, John Forslund all but announced it on ‘620 the Buzz’ in Raleigh this morning.  Add that to what my source told me as well as the fact that Gary Bettman will host a press conference regarding future NHL All-Star Games in Raleigh on Thursday and you can put two and two together.  This will be a great thing for Raleigh who also got a fantastic music festival in the fall.

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Hopscotch Music Festival Lineup Revealed

March 30, 2010


Folks have been trying to find out for months exactly who would be playing at Raleigh’s Hopscotch Festival.

Now, some things are coming to light with an expected official announcement coming tomorrow.

Headliners will be: Panda Bear (of Animal Collective), Broken Social Scene, The Rosebuds, No Age, Public Enemy and The Love Language.

Other bands rumored to be performing are Megafaun, , Future Islands, Gray Young, Caitlin Cary’s Small Ponds with Tres Chicas, Ben Frost, Ryan Gustafson, Max Indian, I Was Totally Destroying It, EAR PWR, Old Bricks and many, many others.

The festival will run from September 9th through 11th at nine venues around downtown Raleigh. Tickets are rumored to range from $30 for the individual larger shows, with incremental prices of $45 (all local venue shows), $85 (larger City Plaza and local venue shows) and $120 VIP passes that allow concert goers to avoid long lines and enjoy a pre-party with all your other indie rock loving scenesters.

Hopscotch is here at last...

Megafaun, Max Indian, American Aquarium, Caitlin Cary with Tres Chicas, Future Islands and Ryan Gustafson are some, among many, of the local acts that should not be missed.

Raleigh’s been ready for a festival of this magnitude and with bands of this quality for quite some time. Fantastic news to hear that it is finally coming to fruition. We can’t wait to hear the official announcement and full listing of all bands by the Hopscotch Festival folks this week. Best of luck getting those tickets, Hopscotchers.

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Ben Folds’ Ode to Merton(aka Chatroulette Piano Improv Dude)

March 22, 2010


I’m assuming everyone’s heard about Chatroulette by now.  If not, imagine using your own webcam to talk to 14 yr old girls and penises from all over the world!  Tempting no?  Some people have also used it to achieve Youtube fame, which is probably on par with reality show fame and slightly above streaker at sporting event fame these days.  I saw this video of Merton(not Ben Folds) a couple weeks ago and I admit I was slightly amused(but over 4 million views?! Really?!).

Saturday night in Charlotte, NC Ben Folds made his own Merton Chatroulette video and I have to say he out Mertoned Merton.  I’m going to the show in Raleigh on Thursday w/ the NC symphony and I’m expecting to be entertained thoroughly…chatroulette or no chatroulette! (original Merton vid after the frump if you haven’t seen it)


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