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Frumpzilla’s Bracket Contest Post Sweet 16 Update

March 27, 2010


Sorry for the delay, Frumpsters.   Some scary issues with the tracker file (now resolved) kept us from getting you this standings update sooner.  Here’s the Top 10 14, with some significant movers and shakers.  Full standings after the jump.

  1. Brian Krams, 102
  2. Amelia Hayes, 101
  3. Jared Johnson, 101
  4. Sarah Otvos, 100
  5. Janet Mullaney, 99
  6. Justin Anderson, 97
  7. Chris Drummond, 96
  8. Ed Hightower, 96
  9. Robert DuPrau, 96
  10. B-Diddy, 95
  11. Derek Gilmore, 95
  12. Betsy Eagleson, 95
  13. Andy Hummel, 95
  14. Cameron Frye, 95


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The Top 25 College Football Programs of the Decade

February 1, 2010


This is the most important BCS Egg Trophy Ever: Frumpzilla's Top 25 College Football Programs of the Decade

This is the most important BCS Egg Trophy Ever: Frumpzilla's Top 25 College Football Programs of the Decade

*****UPDATE: Due to a relatively high volume of great reader feedback (and requests), we’ve added several variations of our rankings below. Many thanks to all that have left feedback and offered suggestions on how to improve and expand the rankings.*****

*****UPDATE II: I’ve been informed that the data sheets below don’t always load properly at first, and I’ve experienced this myself. If you encounter this issue, reloading the page seems to fix it. Thanks.*****

I know, I know. The Super Bowl contenders are now set. Football fans, if not the vast majority of sports fans in general, are far more concerned with whether Drew wins his first or if Peyton can solidify himself as the greatest quarterback of all time. Understandable. I mean, even I’m more excited than usual for this Super Bowl.

So why do a “Best of the Decade” college football list now? Well, nearly a month removed from Alabama’s 8th, 13th or 27th National Championship (depending on who you ask), let’s just say I wasn’t quite ready to let go of my #1 sports passion yet.

Yes, not willing to wait for next season,  I decided instead to reexamine the depths of the last 10 in an effort to establish the final top 25: The Top 25 college football programs of the decade (it’s actually the Top 57, or so, but I figured I should use “Top 25” in the title for SEO reasons).

Make the jump for Frumpzilla’s epic compilation, along with a detailed explanation of the methodology behind our rankings…


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