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Possibly the Greatest Arcade Basketball Rapid Fire Dominance You’ll Ever See

November 15, 2010


Basketball Rapid Fire – Watch more Funny Videos

Only in Japan, right? Well, this is actually from Taiwan, I’m told — where these games are apparently the closest thing they have to a national sport.

I’m also told that — as amazing as this chick’s pwnership appears — it’s actually quite common over there, and the fact she’s tagging in the guy doing stretch aerobics somewhat cheapens the feat (calling in reserves to reach higher levels, allegedly).

Nevertheless, I’ve played Hot Shot Basketball, or one of its sufficiently similar cousins, countless times over the years. Sure, it may have primarily been between the ages of 7 and 12, when the arcade at the local mall served as a quasi-babysitter for mom to get her power-shopping fix in, but I avoided being kidnapped long enough to see some “good” players.

“Good” by American standards, that is…

Thanks to DBJ for the link and further info [via Break]

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