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Cameron Crazies’ “Minnesota” chant was only the beginning of very bad weekend for UNC athletics

November 21, 2010


Ahhh. It seems like only yesterday that Frumpzilla was busy writing its first ever UNC-Duke themed post. 2 1/2 years (and several unplanned, unannounced sabbaticals) later, do you think those Blue Devils over in Durham would pass up an opportunity to stick it to their powder blue nemeses? Of course not!

I’d heard about the Dukies starting the above chant during their win over Colgate, but — thanks to Fromthebarn.org — the above clip is the first chance I’ve had to actually see it. If only Friday’s loss to Minnesota had ended the Heels’ weekend woes.

Saturday saw things go from bad to worse in Chapel Hill as Carolina dropped a heartbreaker to bitter rival N.C. State. Fortunately, this particular game was played with that pesky oblong ball so many UNC faithful seem to find passion for at only the most opportune times. No big deal. After all, at least the 8th ranked basketball team was there to redeem an otherwise pitiful 72-hour stretch by beating Vanderbilt on Sunday, right?

Wrong. On the heels of all-world Freshman Harrison Barnes now going 4 of 24 from the floor in his last two games, the Commodores topped Carolina 72-65 Sunday night in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off. The trip home from San Juan will surely be a long one for Roy’s boys, but hosting UNC-Asheville on Tuesday should help restore some semblance of hope on the Hill prior to the Heels’ next encounter with that oblong ball — Duke, in Durham, on Saturday.

Ironically, something tells me there won’t be much — if any — video evidence of a classic fan rivalry sourced from that encounter.

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

October 15, 2010


When a big game draws near, and nerves start to set in, sometimes it’s wise to take a step back and enjoy a slightly more austere approach to things, however random.

Say, like, a verdant time lapse painting of Mr. Wuff flicking off – and vomiting on? – East Carolina’s Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium…

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East Carolina lives – and possibly dies – by the “Boom,” or lack thereof

October 12, 2010


ECU QB Dominique Davis isn't shy of big playsI didn’t catch the ECU vs. Southern Miss game down in Hattiesburg last weekend, but I did happen to catch a bit of the box score when I was doing the research for our latest Riveting Realities post.  It was, well, intriguing, to say the least.

At first glance one simply sees a nice road win for the Pirates. 44-43 at Southern Miss – while perhaps not remarkable in and of itself – is pretty sweet for a program that had only won 9 of 35 games in the series’ history.  What is remarkable, however, is a second glance – specifically at the team stats columns.

ECU rushed 24 times for 33 yards? Only completed 50% of its passes for 305 yards, getting picked off 3 times in the process?  Lost a fumble as well? Forced zero Southern Miss turnovers, and lost the time of possession battle by a whopping 15 minutes? 

I mean, just how in the hell did they manage to win this game – let alone score 44 points along the way?

Well, scenes like those seen after the jump probably had something to do with it…


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Riveting Realities: N.C. State at East Carolina

October 11, 2010


ECU Pirates Logo N.C. State Wolfpack Logo

Don’t you get tired of talking heads, print journalists, and anyone that just happened to have learned some HTML over a holiday weekend a few years ago (ahem, Ciaran) ramming their college football analysis down your throats on a weekly basis? Sure, we all do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just compiled some allegedly intriguing facts about an upcoming match-up, and then let YOU decide what to make of them? Well, here’s an opportunity to find out — or just gather some tidbits to throw out for discussion at your Saturday morning tailgate — after the jump…


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The Auburn Store: Where Little Crimson Tide Fans Get Put in a Hellish Timeout

September 21, 2010


Given I wasn’t raised in or particularly near a hotbed of professional franchises, I may be a bit biased, but – for me – there’s nothing quite like a great college sports rivalry.

There’s really too many established ones out there to try and list or flippantly single out some over others, and maybe that fact tends to water down their broad media appeal in comparison to, say, the Yankees-Red Sox types within the “American Sports Rivalries Universe.”

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the bitterness and passion of even the most heralded of professional sports rivalries is often matched, if not eclipsed, by their collegiate cousins. In fact, some may even transcend to a level previously thought to be only mythical in nature: Genetics…

#1 Alabama and #17 Auburn – both currently undefeated – square off in this year’s “Iron Bowl” on November 26th, the last game of the season for each. If both happen to remain unbeaten – HIGHLY unlikely – we’d be treated to what could probably be the most epic edition in the series’ history.

Alabama still has games against #10 Arkansas, #9 Florida, #12 South Carolina – in succession – and #15 LSU. Auburn still has #12 South Carolina, #10 Araksnas, #15 LSU and, yet another traditional rival, struggling Georgia prior to facing off against the Crimson Tide. Gotta love SEC football…

Thanks to DBJ for the link

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Did Roy Williams just compare UNC losing 6 of 7 to Haiti?

February 10, 2010


Though I’ve yet to be convinced that paying someone for such services is warranted, losing 6 of 7 may very well be worth a trip to the massage therapist. I’ll take Williams’ word for it.

However, comparing the Tar Heels’ recent run of form to the disaster down in Haiti, even anecdotally, makes me think Roy should probably hire that masseuse to do more than just rub him down.

You know, maybe, like, script his press conferences; a little PR work on the side, or something (perverts).

(The video takes a few seconds to load)

UPDATE: With the Heels losing, at home, to Duke last night, we’re now giving 3:1 odds that Roy will be Pat Robertson’s next guest on the 700 club.

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Charles Barkley is deathly afraid of Alabama winning the BCS Title

January 6, 2010


Sir Charles is an Auburn man, through and throughAuburn Tiger (or perhaps War Eagle, or Fighting Tiger Eagle, or something) alumnus, Charles Barkley, has never been one to shy away from a microphone.  Nor has the Round Mound of Rebound ever been one to mince words, and he’s certainly not doing that when it comes to his thoughts on the prospects of Alabama winning another national championship; or, as any true college football fan has come to call it, Mythical National Championship, that is.

“I always tell people the three saddest days of my life were the day Elvis died, the day JFK died and the day Alabama fired Mike Shula,” Barkley told reporters at a presser for tonight’s GMAC Bowl in Mobile.  “This could be the longest year of our lives if they win.  They are the worst winners in the history of civilization.”

Well said, Sir Charles.  Alabama folks are pretty uppity, yeah?  Citing all those Championships during 4 loss seasons, and stuff.  Frump it here for a video clip of Barkley’s comments at the press conference and full article from Al.com.


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Baby.  Unborn.  Already Brilliant!

November 21, 2008


So, in case you haven’t noticed, some of us are a wee bit pumped up for the rivalry game tomorrow between State and carolina.  I am no different.  The douches are favored and “should” win this game, but that doesn’t faze me.  I have a good feeling about the game.  You know who else has a good feeling about the game??  Unborn baby fetuses! (or is it feti?)  Below is a picture I found here.  It shows an unborn child already supporting the school it will undoubtedly follow through good and bad(mostly bad…sorry little guy/gal, it’s an uphill battle).  I take this as a good sign, GO WOLFPACK!!

babies are so cute at that age


More youtubage of The Pack after the jump!


(authors’s note:  Yes, I understand photoshop exists and that the date is 8/29/08…but I choose to believe it’s real and ignore the date and still view it as a sign!)

(2nd author’s note:  Yes, I meant to leave carolina uncapitalized.)


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Tar Heels Hold Off Duke, 76-68

March 10, 2008


Win 2nd round of battle to determine which team, fan base has bigger pole stuck up its ass.

Tyler Hansbrough get his revenge...on the rimGreg Paulus, Being an Ass


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