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Roger Federer’s between-the-legs shot at Doha 2011 is really good by even Roger Federer standards

January 5, 2011

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Neither Roger Federer or Roger Federer’s balls are strangers to seeing a tennis racket whipped between Roger Federer’s legs at an uncomfortably fast pace, let alone too close for comfort “range.” That’s just a risk Roger Federer, and Roger Federer’s balls, are willing to take, I suppose.

Some might say those risks are a tiny yet integral part of what makes Federer so good, possibly the greatest tennis player of all time, even. I certainly wouldn’t argue that point, especially when such risks result in brilliant shots like the one seen above.

Again, I know this isn’t even close to the first time Roger Federer has braved what’s essentially the slam dunk of tennis tennis shots, but this one was particularly impressive — not to mention ballsy, given his position on the court. Outrageous, indeed.

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