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Rashad McCants: Also not a fan of Roy Williams, blames coach for NBA failures

February 5, 2011


Rashad McCants blames Roy Williams for his NBA failuresAs the college basketball world is now well aware, Larry Drew II quit the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball team recently. Such a shocking move, mid-season, was sure to ruffle some feathers in Chapel Hill, so I suppose it’s no surprise that some of the Carolina faithful were none too pleased about Mr. Drew’s decision.

That said, the heaps and mounds of  dirty laundry dumped on Roy Williams’ UNC program via former Tar Heel Damion Grant’s Facebook page was very surprising, indeed.

We already highlighted a bit of this via a  post on James McCant’s vitriolic message in response to Drew II’s decision being chided as a “total d-bag move.”  Mr. McCants, father of Tar Heel great Rashad McCants, was a tad more sympathetic to Larry’s plight, and apparently didn’t mind letting the world know what he thought of Roy Williams either.

Well, as they say, the apple typically doesn’t fall too far from the tree, and (thanks to our friends over at CarolinaSucks.com) we now have access to what appears to be the entire Facebook debate — one that Rashad McCants himself decided to chime in on (after the jump)…


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James McCants; Not a Roy Williams Fan

February 5, 2011


I believe this screenshot of a facebook reaction to Larry Drew II (what, no JR?) transferring from UNC says it all. Rashad McCants’ father isn’t a huge fan of Roy Williams. Heck, with the way he treats the fans, it doesn’t take a strong imagination to feel he’s not a player’s coach.

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Frump Day Links — 1/19/2011, Or: Roy Williams Is Tired of Call-In Shows Edition

January 19, 2011


Three deer, having a grand ole sexy time

  • The title nearly says it all: “Roy Williams would like Carolina fans to keep their calls to themselves during his radio show” [No Guts, No Glory]
  • I still have a shit load of Starting Lineups — yes, in the packaging — tucked away in storage somewhere. Just biding my time til the market comes back, ya know. I do not, however, own a stuffed monkey. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice. [Sharapova's Thigh]
  • LeBron James wants to hammer home the fact that the size of one’s ego is potentially limitless — especially when you have so many viable alter egos to work with [Last Angry Fan]
  • Time to strike through the “See a one-legged stripper in action” line on your bucket list. Well, sort of. [Busted Coverage]
  • If you haven’t yet heard enough excuses for the Patriots loss to the Jets, how about the possibility that Brady was playing on a fractured ankle [NESN]
  • Meanwhile, Jets fans are making green bagels. [Sportress of Blogitude]
  • Brush up on your NCAA rules and regulations by taking this nifty little quiz [Dave from Carter-Finley]
  • Speaking of NCAA rules and regs, Auburn and 2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell have been throwin’ down lately. What could possibly go wrong? [Sports By Brooks]
  • If you’ve been thinking about inventing a cool sport like Alaskan Distance Surfing, well, you’re shit out of luck [The Score]
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Cameron Crazies’ “Minnesota” chant was only the beginning of very bad weekend for UNC athletics

November 21, 2010


Ahhh. It seems like only yesterday that Frumpzilla was busy writing its first ever UNC-Duke themed post. 2 1/2 years (and several unplanned, unannounced sabbaticals) later, do you think those Blue Devils over in Durham would pass up an opportunity to stick it to their powder blue nemeses? Of course not!

I’d heard about the Dukies starting the above chant during their win over Colgate, but — thanks to Fromthebarn.org — the above clip is the first chance I’ve had to actually see it. If only Friday’s loss to Minnesota had ended the Heels’ weekend woes.

Saturday saw things go from bad to worse in Chapel Hill as Carolina dropped a heartbreaker to bitter rival N.C. State. Fortunately, this particular game was played with that pesky oblong ball so many UNC faithful seem to find passion for at only the most opportune times. No big deal. After all, at least the 8th ranked basketball team was there to redeem an otherwise pitiful 72-hour stretch by beating Vanderbilt on Sunday, right?

Wrong. On the heels of all-world Freshman Harrison Barnes now going 4 of 24 from the floor in his last two games, the Commodores topped Carolina 72-65 Sunday night in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off. The trip home from San Juan will surely be a long one for Roy’s boys, but hosting UNC-Asheville on Tuesday should help restore some semblance of hope on the Hill prior to the Heels’ next encounter with that oblong ball — Duke, in Durham, on Saturday.

Ironically, something tells me there won’t be much — if any — video evidence of a classic fan rivalry sourced from that encounter.

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Did Roy Williams just compare UNC losing 6 of 7 to Haiti?

February 10, 2010


Though I’ve yet to be convinced that paying someone for such services is warranted, losing 6 of 7 may very well be worth a trip to the massage therapist. I’ll take Williams’ word for it.

However, comparing the Tar Heels’ recent run of form to the disaster down in Haiti, even anecdotally, makes me think Roy should probably hire that masseuse to do more than just rub him down.

You know, maybe, like, script his press conferences; a little PR work on the side, or something (perverts).

(The video takes a few seconds to load)

UPDATE: With the Heels losing, at home, to Duke last night, we’re now giving 3:1 odds that Roy will be Pat Robertson’s next guest on the 700 club.

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NC STATE crushes Duke, CJ Leslie looks on…

January 21, 2010

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The Red Blazer strikes again

Notes from the game:

  • No question that this season has shown mass improvement from the previous two in terms of intensity, hustle and pride exhibited by the Pack, however that has seldom resulted in the full 40 minutes needed to beat a quality opponent….until last night.  The Pack was focused and aggressive from start to finish.  NC STATE played as if they believed they were the better team and it showed. [...]
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Cougs Pounce Boys in Baby Blue

January 4, 2010

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Free throws attempted…

CofC:  6

Holes:  34



Go figure…



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Wayne Ellington Lived the Life at UNC

December 30, 2009


Wayne Ellington

Well, either he did(he did.) or his parents did(they did.)! 

I was sent this link recently.  While I understand it’s a link to http://carolinasucks.com and not http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/ like the design would want you to believe, and the images may be fabricated, the facts behind them do not seem to be fabricated.  The images claim that a $400k abode is the residence of Wayne Ellington Sr., the father of the former UNC bball player(06-09).  I don’t quite have the resources to look up Mr. Ellington’s profession or what he was worth before his son made it to the NBA.  I’m not trying to argue whether or not he could afford such a house while his son was in school(before he made money for bball).  I am wondering why the house was(is) owned by James A. Mason Jr. who was a former Morehead scholar at UNC and is now a prominant businessman in Chapel Hill.  Mason Jr. is a founding member of Parish Capital, who has very stong ties to Keenan-Flagler, UNC’s business school.  They’re even part of the Carolina Venture Fellows program.  I’m sure Roy and UNC did a good job of making sure Mason Jr. himself did not donate to the athletic program, but it’s hard to deny these ties seem to be a conflict of interest. 

Frump it on for pictures and links that lead me to these conclusions.


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Is Roy Williams Austrian??!?!

December 15, 2009



Roy Williams True Identity

So I realize that I’m a few days late with this post but if you haven’t noticed, we’ve taken some time away from the site and come back with some aesthetic changes!  All things considered, I believe this is a better late than never situation.  You see, I hate UNC Chapel Hell with all my being.  I feel they have an arrogance about them that just frustrates the crap out of me….words cannot describe the hatred.  This is why I was so happy when this arrogance was put on a pedestal for all the nation to see this past weekend.

During a blowout win for Roy Williams’ basketball team against lowly Presbyterian College, the almighty coach had an opposing fan removed from the premesis for yelling at one of his players during a free throw.  I know what you’re thinking, that kind of penalty must have been earned by yelling a vulgar or (even worse)racist comment at a player during a key moment in the game.  That would’ve been a non-story.  Instead, all this fan did was yell “Hey Deon, don’t miss it!” to Deon Thompson during a free throw with 6:45 left to play in a 103-64 drumming.  The free throw was made and Roy turns to the fan and says, “Why don’t you shut up! Yeah, I’m talking to you!”.  He then gets the attention of his rent-a-cops and motions towards the fan, who is then dragged from his seat without a chance to find out why or show his ticket to the henchmen. 

In an instance of EXTREME IRONY, Coach Williams said after the game “Let’s don’t make it a bigger thing than it is. But I just don’t think anybody should yell negative things toward our players (when) you come in on our tickets to watch our game.”  So if we take him at his word, no fan should ever cheer against his team when you’re in the dean dome, otherwise you will be removed.  With this logic I hope every true blue douche-nozzle that shouts at the opposing team during away games gets dragged out kicking and screaming.

To make matters worse for this Presby fan, unc’s SID tried to spin the situation in typical fashion by defacing his name and claiming he was intoxicated and in the wrong seat.  However the fan was later interviewed and disputed both claims.  I hope this guy is lawyered up or better yet, I hope every opposing ACC team finds a way to get him a ticket behind unc’s bench this season to continue this drama.

Click the Frump to see video of this ENTIRE incident as well as hitler’s roy’s press conference after the game.  As a bonus, there’s also a video of hilarity ensuing after a unc loss to Maryland.  You’ll see crying and disappointment, and if you listen closely, you’ll even hear a unc fan yelling “Go Back to the Ghetto!!” to one of the Maryland players.  I guess that’s alright though since it wasn’t directed at one of roy’s players.



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Chas McBitch

January 23, 2009


Many larger (arguable) sites have run stories on Mr. McBowling Pin already.  Consider this supplemental.  And a bit traitorous considering my special lady got her papers from there.

Chas McFarland

More opinion after the jump.



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Tar Heels Win Rivalry Game

December 1, 2008

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Best WR in the Nation

The Heels left Durham with a W, which begs the question, does a win in the team’s only rivalry game make the season a success?  Short answer – no.  Longer answer after the jump.


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The Most Relevant Preseaon College Football Poll Has Been Revealed…

May 23, 2008


Darren McFadden graces the cover of EA Sports' NCAA 2009

EA Sports’ NCAA Football 2009 rankings.  I guess I should clarify this a bit.  You see, there are a lot of things that I think need to be changed about college football, and one of the first things I’d do as dictator is abolish all preseason polls; or at least their obvious, arguably inappropriate influence on the only rankings that really matter in the end: The final BCS standings. 

Ask yourself if LSU could still make the 2007 BCS Championship Game, after two losses over their last 6 regular season games, if they’d started the season ranked 8th or 13th, for example, as opposed to 2nd.  The big two preseason polls, as well as all the other media polls out there, pollute the college football landscape by gifting certain anointed teams an advantage based on what is essentially, somewhat arbitrary, conjecture.  I mean, let’s face it, these things come out well before any team has even sniffed a competitive playing field.  What legitimate basis do  the voters have to rank any team at that point?

Make the jump for more on this topic and NCAA Football 2009′s Top 25 courtesy of Operation Sports, who apparently received a beta copy of the game (lucky).


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Today’s Elite Eight Slate: Sorry, Davidson is the 2nd game

March 30, 2008


Wrapping up the Elite Eight this afternoon, and Frumpzilla has its fingers crossed for a North Carolina-Davidson rematch in the Final Four.  You never know…

Miracle worker?Showtime or end of the line?


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