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Russian Kids: Still not afraid of heights, now tackling reckless, homemade bungie jumping

December 9, 2010


Hey, remember those crazy ass Russian teens going walkabout on that 900 foot tower? If not, scroll back a bit with your mouse and click on that bold text that reads “crazy ass Russian teens going walkabout on that 900 foot tower?” Depending on your level of acrophobia, you may or may not regret it.

Well, as if being insanely high up in the air — unsecured — wasn’t tempting fate enough, those rambunctious red rascals are now hurling themselves off the sides of buildings. Just, you know, fastened to a rope, of course.

Is it really that boring over there, guys? I mean, why not waste your youth on something a bit less dangerous — like, train sledding, or something. Either way, I’m just glad the Cold War is over, lest these whippersnappers get their hands on some launch codes…

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