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Jam of the Wednesday: David Lee Roth’s isolated vocal track from “Runnin’ With the Devil”

June 9, 2010


David Lee Roth's vocal track to Runnin' With the Devil gives all amateur vocalists hopeLittle known fact: Assuming the volume is loud enough in my car, I may or may not be the greatest amateur vocalist on the planet. It’s true. I mean, it must be, because — as far as I can tell — I’m always in key, and rarely, if ever, miss a note.

Now, I probably won’t ever take these pipes on the road, but then I feel I’m more of a studio artist, maybe. Studios and cars (with the volume on 11).

Besides, putting together a group of top notch musicians is so hard these days, and, based on my mobile/automotive performances, I’m pretty sure a songbird such as myself needs a worthy complement of musical accompaniment. As you’ll soon see below, I’m obviously not the only one.

This is an oldie — in more ways than one — but a goodie nonetheless, and really serves as a shining example of just how important that aforementioned musical accompaniment can be.

And, to be clear, I’m not necessarily singling out David Lee Roth for ridicule here; he just happens to be readily accessible. In fact, I’m sure an overwhelming majority of the “great” voices in popular music would fare similarly if put to such a test. At the very least, I think this phenomenon offers quite a bit of insight into why a cappella isn’t a more popular musical form…

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