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DJ Felli Fel’s “I Wanna Get Drunk” gives ICP’s “Miracles” a serious run for its money

May 13, 2010


For worst song of the year, I mean. It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than this, Frumpsters. Sampling is the norm these days, of course — sad as that is — but taking Van Halen’s “Jump” and turning it into “I Wanna Get Drunk” has Kissed with Apocalypse written all over it.

How much in the red is Mr. Felli Fel gonna be after paying the licensing costs for this? My money’s still on “Miracles” as far as hilarity is concerned, but this is close. There’s some explicit, NSFW lyrics in here, so if you’re at work, make sure you’ve got your cans ready…

Thanks to The Admiral for the tip. Also, these seem to keep getting nuked by Warner Brothers, so I’ll try to find new ones as often as I can

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