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Chas McFarland’s “Coach” Prosser tattoo is conveniently timed?

April 15, 2010

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Chad McFarland's "Coach" Prosser tattooACC Basketball fans are by now well aware of Wake Forest’s graduating Center, Chas McFarland.  His, as our own GingerHead Man once put it, “peacocking around, flapping gums, chest bumping, and flopping at the slightest hint of contact” was never acceptable, despite its entertainment value, and the fact that Chas simply wasn’t very good just made matters worse.  He won’t be missed.

Obviously, the same couldn’t be said for former Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser, who passed away unexpectedly back in July of 2007.  Prosser recruited McFarland, coached him during his Freshman season, and now, as you can see above, has been honored by this rather curious tattoo that Chas apparently shared on his Facebook page the other day.

Why curious?  Well, for one, I’m wondering why the word “Coach” is in quotes, and whether or not Skip’s image is on that cross being hoisted out of the sky by those hands with the cloud sleeves, but I’m sure there are plausible explanations for that. 

Moreover, given that this appears to be a back tat, and the fact that Chas checks in at about 7’1″, 235, I imagine this is also taking up quite a bit of real estate for a coach that had a hand in maybe just 25% of McFarland’s college basketball career, but then who’s to say what kind of impact Prosser had on Chas’ life.

What might be the most curious bit, however, is the timing.  Just seems odd to get a massive, permanent memorial to Coach Prosser inked on your back nearly three years after the fact, not to mention pretty much simultaneously with the firing of his successor (Dino Gaudio) and subsequent hiring, however puzzling, of new coach Jeff Bzdelik.

Is someone trying to tell us something?  Chas?  Coach Prosser?  Anyone?

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