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Say hello to the next great Winter Olympic sport: Train Sledding

December 6, 2010

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Kind of combines the anticipation of waiting for a (injury-free) bobsled crash with the WTF audacity of figure skating attire, doesn’t it? And, as far as the relative appeal of the Winter Olympics goes, that can’t be a bad thing.

You know, they’re considering adding events to the 2014 games, and — while it may never know the warm regards we all have for something as cultivated as curling — there’s no reason to rule train sledding out as a dark horse candidate to become yet another Winter Olympic spectacle.

Okay, fine. I guess I don’t truly expect to see any Olympians being towed by locomotives at Sochi 2014. But, in all honesty, is that prospect really any more ridiculous than the the two-man luge?

And that’s not to mention the possibility of a two-man luge relay. Sheesh…

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