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America: The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Ugly

November 16, 2010


Hey, Frump isn’t here to beat you over the head with just what is the good, the bad, and the very (very) ugly — that’s, for the most part, quite subjective, and left to you to decide. For yourself. No one else.

That’s America to Frump. That and the two videos that follow… (some NSFW language follows as well)

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John Travolta Heals Haiti With Only His Touch

January 27, 2010


People of Haiti need not be concerned anymore.  It’s true that their airport can only handle 130 landings each day and many planes circle the airfield hoping to land and offer their food, water, and other support.  However, 1 of those planes that was able to land was piloted by John Travolta and contained some food and a whole lot of crazy.  Great news.

Travolta dropped off a whole crop of Scientologists who, dressed in yellow shirts, have been using a process called “assist” in which the power of touch is said to reconnect nervous systems damaged by trauma.  You read that correct.  Scientologists are touching people and claiming it is healing them.


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Matthew Stafford is Now a Man…

November 24, 2009

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At least according to the creator of this brilliant YouTube video.  As we all know, there comes a time in everyone’s life – yes, even you, ladies when it’s time to step up and be a man; a mannny, mannny, mawhhhn, at that.

After Stafford had a huge, record setting day against the Browns (highlights in the video), becoming the youngest player in NFL history to throw 5 TD passes in a game, the first rookie to do so since 1937, and leading an 88 yard, game winning drive sans timeouts with under 2 minutes to play, Matty Fire has apparently made the aforementioned transition. 

How much his alleged drilling of apparently copious amounts of sweet, uterine crude had to do with said transition is unclear…

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