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Sex Education: Science Teacher Calls it Quits After Student Exposes Her Pornographic Past

March 9, 2011

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Who knew appearing in such films as “Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun”; “In Thru the Out Door“; “Anal Cravings 13”; “Major Slut“; “Ass Whores 12”; “Butt Brats 7“; and “John T. Bone Presents: Tight Ass” would suggest one wasn’t qualified to be a public school teacher in this country?

Apparently Ms. Tera Myers didn’t, but she does now. And she learned that lesson — multiple times — the hard way.

Myers was  forced to quit her job at St. Louis, Missouri’s Parkway North High School after a student discovered — and of course disseminated — the fact that the teacher had once starred in several pornographic video features.

Porn Star Teacher's Tight Ass movie discovered by student

Myers worked under the stage name "Rikki Andersin" for her roles in films such as "Tight Ass"

‘The whole school knew in five minutes,” said Parkway North student Sarah Mennicucci (yes, that’s her real name). “Either way, someone was going to find out one day, and that’s just, like, a bad look on you when you’re a school teacher,” Mennicucci added.

Curiously, this isn’t the first time Myers’ previous profession has cost her a teaching position. Back in 2006, Myers — then going by the name Tericka Dye — was suspended from her position at a Paducah, Kentucky school. Many parents and students stood behind the teacher back then, but her contract was not renewed, as school officials apparently felt the nature of Myers’ past would prove too great a distraction in the classroom.

The teacher now calls her career in the adult film industry her “worst [mistake] ever,” and has even gone on Dr. Phil to express her frustrations about its ramifications. Local reports indicate that this “mistake” was made more than 15 years ago, but Myers’ information on IMDB conflicts with such a timetable….


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