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Inebriated Man vs. Flip-Flop; an Age Old Battle

April 21, 2010


It’s happened to all of us.  You drink a beer(or 30), sit out in the sun all day, and maybe even take something for that sore back of yours. Next thing you know, even the most dependable footwear turns it’s back on you.  It happens all the time.  It recently happened to the fellow above at Coachella 2010.  Enjoy the video as well as our play-by-play below!

  • 0:05 – Man makes first contact
  • 0:06 – Man loses it to a stumble back
  • 0:12 – Man attempts to use opposable thumbs to his advantage, sits down instead
  • 0:14 – Inconsiderate girls walk in front of camera
  • 0:16-0:23 – Flip-Flop manages to avoid the usually strong “pinch” technique
  • 0:24 – Outside source sabotages flip-flop
  • 0:25-0:33 – Man, w/ flip-flop in grasp attempts to secure it on foot
  • 0:34-0:41 – Man basks in glory w/ flip-flop on foot, adjusts glasses
  • 0:45 – In a drastic turn of events, Man stands upright, loses both flip-flops, it’s on now
  • 0:46-1:04 – Man takes break to mumble incoherently to group of girls, flip-flops laugh
  • 1:05-1:16 – In what seems like 2 minutes, Man stumbles and eventually grasps flops in hands(not feet)
  • 1:17-1:31 – Man starts from scratch, lands left flop on foot in one try! 3 double takes on the right later, he lands it on the 4th try
  • 1:33 – The crowd rejoices, Man feels accomplished, flip-flops take away a moral victory

Not pictured was the inevitable flip-flop revenge after the camera was turned off.

(thanks to tww for inspiration)

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These guys are why everyone hates the Lakers

April 18, 2010


Exhibit A: He wears sunglasses indoors (and likely at night), keeps the top 4 buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, is rocking the black leather jacket in 70+ degree weather, combs his hair straight back (with product), flashes the “#1” sign and wears a huge, obnoxious LA Lakers gold rope necklace of which he prominently displays like Soulja Boi.  He “knows people,” drives a leased luxury car, dates 19-year-old aspiring actresses (because he “knows” people), talks loudly on his cell phone in elevators and has a tiny penis.  He does not attend games when the Lakers are bad.

Exhibit B: The ultimate fair-weather fan.  Is rocking a Yankee hat, headphones for his own music (as he cannot be bothered by the noises of the game) and is texting his mom.  He does not pay attention and doesnt really care about the outcome except when it comes to talking junk amongst his friends, saying “his” Lakers won.

Exhibit C : Two wannabe hard crackers flashing gang signs to the camera, then moving on to use the GO LAKERS thunderstick as a perverted prop on national TV.

Stay classey LA!

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