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Incredibly Rare, Game-Winning Four-Point Play Provides Incredibly Rare Opportunity to Watch Entertaining High School Girls Basketball Highlights

February 17, 2011


It’s not everyday that I get to choose to watch women’s basketball, at any level, let alone high school. Don’t take that personally, ladies — I just find myself drawn more to volleyball, I guess. Women’s volleyball, that is. Oh, and tennis. And gymnastics. Soccer. Even olympic-year figure skating, possibly. Yeah, I typically find all those more appealing than women’s basketball, but that’s really neither here nor there.

I really just wanted to say thanks to Sarah Royals of Connecticut’s Torrington High School for hitting this rather amazing mid-court buzzer beater. As if tying the game up at 58 wasn’t enough, Royals getting fouled in the process — and then calmly sinking her free throw to complete a pretty thrilling, game-winning four-point play — really sealed this as one of the more choice highlights I’ve seen this year.

It also happens to be the first women’s basketball highlight I’ve taken an interest in in at least four to five years, so that’s pretty special, too. Many thanks again, Sarah!

And thanks to Cochese for the tip…

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