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Final Update: Is Kirby Smart coming home? Like, right now?

January 10, 2010

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Is Kirby Smart leaving mentor Nick Saban and Alabama to return home to Georgia?

Georgia fans are desperate to find out whether former Dawg, Kirby Smart, will be the next Defensive Coordinator in Athens.  Some of them over at Scout’s free boards are even tracking planes and flight plans, like this one, which is set to land in the greater Atlanta area (not too far from Athens) in about 15 minutes (8:17 ET).  According to that thread, this plane belongs to a Georgia booster, and, given that this information is coming from Georgia’s free board, you can bet that this is highly reliable. (make sure you’ve got your sarcasm switch set to “On” for that one).

Speaking of reliable sources, Smart’s Wikipedia page was updated today to state that on January 10th he’d accepted the postion of Defensive Coordinator at UGA, signing a 4 year contract that will pay him in the region of $800,000 annually.  This sentence has since been deleted within the last hour or so, staying true to a heated editing war on Smart’s Wikipedia page that’s been going on for the past 72 hours (Seriously, go to the page and refresh every half hour or so.  Pretty funny).

Check back for updates…after the Frump.


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