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And you thought Chatroulette was bad…

March 23, 2010


In what may go down as perhaps the worst wedding toast in the history of the modern world (ever), a Chechian man has been left brain dead after a classic Russian Roulette prank went horribly wrong while he was toasting the bride and groom. To make matters worse, it was all caught on video, as you can see the below. Surprisingly, the vid is not at all graphic, really, but I’ll still preface it with a “mature viewers only” warning.

Deer Hunter Russian Roulette

Sad, to say the least, but, given that someone on the Frumpzilla staff may or may not be getting married soon, I guess the pressure’s off for those of us that may or may not feel the need to come up with something special while toasting that particular couple (phew). Still, I think this should be a lesson to us all: No matter how much you enjoy Christopher Walken and Bobby DeNiro’s work in The Deer Hunter, and regardless of how lucrative the Russian Roulette circuit may or may not be in Asia (it is), pointing a hand gun at your head and pulling the trigger without first checking the chamber over 9,000 times beforehand is not cool

Incidentally, that goes double for Chatroulette, in a sense.

Source: The Daily Mail (The Rear Admiral with the link)

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