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Did UNC’s hiring of Brian Baker, recruitment of Delvon Simmons violate even more NCAA regulations?

February 13, 2011


Was Brian Baker hired by UNC solely to land DT Blue Chip Delvon Simmons

***UPDATE MARCH 8th, 2011: Delvon Simmons has reportedly asked to be released from his LOI (Letter of Intent) to the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. Not entirely sure as to why, but I’m sure it all may or may not come out eventually…***

    ***UPDATE March 10th, 2011: UNC is reportedly refusing to release Simmons from his LOI. This could get interesting…***

The dark, tempestuous cloud of investigations looming over Chapel Hill’s Kenan Stadium apparently isn’t a menacing enough threat to the sanctity of Tar Heel football. In fact, it appears Butch Davis’ program still doesn’t shy away from spitting into the NCAA’s wind.

As you may recall, UNC landed a big prospect when McKeesport, Pennsylvania’s Delvon Simmons signed his Letter of Intent on February 2nd, 2011. It was quite a National Signing Day coup.

Why a coup? Well, the 6’5″, 265 pound defensive tackle (Rivals’ #5 DT, #80 overall; Scout’s #3 DT, #15 overall; ESPN’s #25 DT, NR overall) had actually eliminated the Tar Heels only a couple weeks prior and — adding to the enigma of it all — never took an official visit to Chapel Hill.

Simmons’ coach, Jim Ward, even chipped in with a great quote to make the matter that much more curious, and just hours before National Signing Day: “I can tell you that UNC has been added. We had a meeting behind closed doors, and that is all I can say. The rest stays there.


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Rashad McCants: Also not a fan of Roy Williams, blames coach for NBA failures

February 5, 2011


Rashad McCants blames Roy Williams for his NBA failuresAs the college basketball world is now well aware, Larry Drew II quit the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball team recently. Such a shocking move, mid-season, was sure to ruffle some feathers in Chapel Hill, so I suppose it’s no surprise that some of the Carolina faithful were none too pleased about Mr. Drew’s decision.

That said, the heaps and mounds of  dirty laundry dumped on Roy Williams’ UNC program via former Tar Heel Damion Grant’s Facebook page was very surprising, indeed.

We already highlighted a bit of this via a  post on James McCant’s vitriolic message in response to Drew II’s decision being chided as a “total d-bag move.”  Mr. McCants, father of Tar Heel great Rashad McCants, was a tad more sympathetic to Larry’s plight, and apparently didn’t mind letting the world know what he thought of Roy Williams either.

Well, as they say, the apple typically doesn’t fall too far from the tree, and (thanks to our friends over at CarolinaSucks.com) we now have access to what appears to be the entire Facebook debate — one that Rashad McCants himself decided to chime in on (after the jump)…


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Kenny George’s No-Jump Dunk Shot Compilation

January 26, 2011


Kenny George vs Tyler HansbroughHey, remember UNC-Asheville’s 7’8″, 365 pound mammoth of a center? Yeah, Kenny George was his name.

Unfortunately, notwithstanding the sheer size the guy, I guess he’s most readily remembered for that time Tyler Hansbrough yammed all over his face.

Adding injury to insult, a nasty MRSA infection led to the partial amputation of Kenny’s right foot not too long after that, and, in turn, the gentle giant’s playing days were cut drastically short as well.

But Frump’s not here to dwell on the lamentable aspects of Kenny George’s past. No, we rather lovingly look back at the highlights — specifically the ones that solidified George as possibly the greatest no-jump dunk shooter of all time.

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Tennessee QB Tyler Bray Goes From “Throat Slash” to Tears in Approximately 13.7 Minutes

December 31, 2010


In what was almost certainly the wildest game of the bowl season thus far, the North Carolina Tar Heels managed to pull out a bizarre Music City Bowl win last night over Tennessee.

The Volunteers clearly weren’t able to finish UNC on the field — I’d say they went as far as snatching defeat from the jowls of victory even — but you never would have known it from watching some of their players’ taunting gestures and antics throughout the game.

As seen above, Tennessee signal caller Tyler Bray was no exception to this unsportsmanlike behavior, and his lack of couth came back to haunt him in rather cathartic fashion.

Yeah, if you’re going to be as bold as the “throat slash” before it’s all said and done, you’ve got to be able to choke back the tears if and when the proverbial blade is pressed to your neck, dude. Pitiful.

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Glory Holes Rampant on LSU’s Campus

September 2, 2010


As if LSU officials,Glory Holes Rampant on LSU's campus staff, and faithful didn’t have enough on their hands with preparing for this weekend’s college football opener against UNC, it now appears that combating the blight of “Glory Holes” has been added to the University’s agenda.

Glory Holes — as defined in an article in LSU’s Daily Reveille — are holes “carved in the partitions of bathroom stalls, [and] are typically used for anonymous oral sex between men who insert their genitals into the hole.”

LSU custodial engineers have apparently battled this “recurring problem” by placing steel plates over the holes. Nevertheless, some students keep plugging away, going as far as alerting certain internet based communities — such as “CrusingForSex.com” — when counter efforts have led to a hole becoming “active” again.

Now, while it may not be particularly surprising a problem like this exists in a town that literally translates as “Red Stick,” one has to think this serves as quite a distraction. Hard to imagine what it must be like to grace the community throne in one’s dormitory, only to be greeted by one or more, 2 to 3 inch holes staring back at you on either side of the stall.

Having to wonder what ominous presence may be lurking on the other side only exacerbates things, of course. Frightful, to say the least.

LSU fans smell like corndogsOf course, given LSU’s affinity for corn dogs, perhaps these glory holes are simply some ritualistic vehicle for transfer —  a means for like-minded fans to share a common interest and passion during one of life’s more intimate, albeit  routine, moments.

Either way, as the Tigers prepare for an entirely different type of problem “Hole” in Atlanta on Saturday, I suppose we can only hope that this Glory Hole issue doesn’t raise its ugly head in any of the Georgia Dome’s stalls.

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UNC to wear all gay – I mean all gray

February 24, 2010


UNC to wear all gray

Just for one night….in college….they are just a little curious..

(thanks to Buster Sports)

Here is Roy Williams taking a page right out of Butch Davis’ book.  I guess he cant stand that color either.

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UNC girls complaining about lack of men in Chapel Hill

February 17, 2010


of course its UNC-ch...you can tell by the dude

On one hand, I really want to make fun of UNC for its literal lack of balls.

On the other hand, the few straight/non-douchebag dudes that do go there have it figured out.  A virtual utopia.

Ladies, Raleighwood is right down the road.  Come partake in the manly goodness.

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Did Roy Williams just compare UNC losing 6 of 7 to Haiti?

February 10, 2010


Though I’ve yet to be convinced that paying someone for such services is warranted, losing 6 of 7 may very well be worth a trip to the massage therapist. I’ll take Williams’ word for it.

However, comparing the Tar Heels’ recent run of form to the disaster down in Haiti, even anecdotally, makes me think Roy should probably hire that masseuse to do more than just rub him down.

You know, maybe, like, script his press conferences; a little PR work on the side, or something (perverts).

(The video takes a few seconds to load)

UPDATE: With the Heels losing, at home, to Duke last night, we’re now giving 3:1 odds that Roy will be Pat Robertson’s next guest on the 700 club.

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