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Ole Miss decides on “Rebel Black Bear,” axes Colonel Reb…

October 14, 2010


The new mascot of the University of Mississippi - The Rebel Black BearAnd yet the resounding, nationwide “WTF” lives on.

Listen, I’m not here to preach about the merits of surrendering Colonel Reb to Union forces, or even slip in a classic Admiral Ackbar joke (or ten).

In fact, considering the other two finalists — out of an initial pool of over a thousand — were the “Hotty Toddy” and “Rebel Land Shark,” and the winner only got 62% of the vote, I suppose I have no choice but to applaud the Mississippian masses’ election of the “Rebel Black Bear” as Ole Miss’ new mascot.

But was even the mere prospect of such a dilemma necessary?

Again, just as a reminder, this isn’t about Colonel Reb. Screw him and his antiquated, anachronistic outlook on the modern world.

I mean, he was, like, so stuck in the past, man.  Right? And a past that obviously so many in Mississippi were sensitive to, if not outright ashamed of.

Taking that rat’s nest out of it, though, is one not still forced to wonder: Uhhh, just how in the hell did we get to a damn “Rebel Black Bear?”

Well, let’s explore that after the jump…


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