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Grand Theft Auto: Moscow

December 15, 2010


Niko BellicHey, if there’s chance it has even a remote connection to the former Soviet Union — and involves something pretty dang bizarre by our relatively prude Western standards — Frump’s gonna track it down.

Lucky for us, this one happens to take place in Moscow, which is about as red as you can get, I’m told, so it’s probably safe to assume this one will count towards that Russian Studies minor we’ve been working towards.

This guy apparently downed a fifth or two of Stoli, then decided to take out the frustrations related to his purchase of a Hyundai SUV on over twenty innocent vehicles. Once he found himself stuck in downtown traffic, however, various victims and/or feisty, random bystanders were able to drag him out onto the street.

After some aimless wondering around — and several awkward looking punches and kicks — this Ruskie’s road rage was finally stamped out by the authorities. Seriously, the only thing missing was some flashing, neon-green cash on the street. And maybe a RPG…

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