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Danish Game Show invites contestants to identify the scent of some random dude’s ass

February 9, 2011


Not content to sit idly by while The Netherlands enjoys the cultural spoils and influence of its “Dutch Oven,” Denmark has brought the world Total Blackout — a game show that could possibly make even the Japanese blush.

Yes, rarely has Europe offered a more pungent and exemplary bouquet of its relative refinement than when this lucky contestant came face to ass with identifying the scent of just that — ass. And in the dark to boot!

I suppose this Dane should count himself lucky, though — having not been able to identify that ass’ odor at first sniff — because, you know, that could have been pretty awkward, I guess.

Either way, something certainly appears to be in the air, so to speak. A few hours ago DBJ sent me this lovely video of some lady smelling her own ass.

More or less reasonable? I don’t know.

Why? Also ignorant to that, and it’s not a mystery Frump plans on sniffing out…

Thanks to the Hurricane for the tip

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