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Life Lessons and Invaluable Insights from Mr. T

November 18, 2010


You know, I guess it really is easy to get lost in a desert, but I’d of never even considered the notion if not for this video. My peeves about the gratuitous use of glasses — both prescription and sun — being vindicated after all these years was nice, too.

And let me tell ya: I know from experience that one shouldn’t expect to cruise through life on good looks and luck — I have neither, and it’s clearly gotten me nowhere.

Moreover — lest I end up horribly maimed, face down in a drained pool somewhere — I’ve known to not take candy and/or toys from strangers for years now. That said, without Mr. T’s wise words of warning, there’s no doubt I’d still be susceptible to the ones offering puppies. Thank you, Mr. T!

And thanks to The Hurricane for the link to the video, not to mention Agonybooth.com for its creation.

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