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Hugo Chavez to join Twitter, Ozzie Guillen may or may not be concerned

April 27, 2010


Hugo Chavez on TwitterOur most loyal readers already know that, while Frumpzilla brings you daily doses of Sports, Entertainment and Social Commentary from Unprofessional, Highly Irresponsible Sources, our ultimate goal is “thermonuclear, global media domination.”

We may not know what that entails quite yet, or even what it means, but it sounds frumpin’ cool as hell. So, fingers crossed, I guess.

However, it now appears we may have a bit more competition.

Hugo Chavez — Venezuelan President, former Bolivian revolutionary, all-around fun guy — has announced he’s joining Twitter, which probably catapults him immediately to the number two spot amongst prominent, Venezuelan-related Twitter accounts. behind Ozzie Guillen, of course.

Unfortunately for us, and Ozzie Guillen, it also appears Chavez is tweeting for keeps…


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