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Scott Stapp Still a Musical Genius.

April 15, 2010

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File this next one under “Way too good to be real, yet it is in fact, real”.  The Florida Marlins have forged a partnership with the former(or are they still together?) lead singer of the almighty “rock” group Creed, Scott Stapp.  This partnership includes work for charity, however we’ll ignore that for the purposes of this article as it focuses mainly on hating this guy because he’s awful.

What we WILL focus on is the new intro song Stapp recorded for the Marlins.  This is the best Stapp related happening since his 2005 visit to a Gainesville, FL Denny’s. How could you not be propelled to a World Series victory after being inspired by this song?

Below the Frump, the Dylan-esque lyrics(as I hear them) as well as last years Marlin’s intro offering from Pitbull, which reaffirms South Florida’s love for all things awful.

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