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Sharpsburg, North Carolina man stares down raging tornado, wins…

April 18, 2011


Meet Steven Hoag, of Sharpsburg, North Carolina. He may or may not be afraid of many things, but tornadoes — almost certainly — aren’t one of those things.

Protected only by his built Ford tough truck, Hoag nonchalantly calls his wife from a parking lot adjacent to the Wilson, North Carolina Walgreens. Likely nothing out of the ordinary for Steven — other than that tornado racing towards him from about half a mile away.

Yep, there it goes. Busting up power lines; ripping off the roofs of houses; plowing through Walgreens; erratically dispersing debris along its path of destruction. Just the kind of stuff tornadoes do, you know? The kind of thing Steven Hoag takes a calm, cool, collected approach to.

That’s just how Eastern North Carolina rolls, folks. Laid back, come what may attitude to any and all of life’s little problems — except snow, of course.

A good 1/2 inch of snow means it’s time to head down to the bomb shelter. Sure, it’s well-stocked, but life as we otherwise know it stops for 72 hours after a nice dusting. As it should…

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