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At first I was happy about drafting Peyton Hillis in the 3rd Round, but then I saw this video…

August 30, 2011


This child-like signature doesn't exactly match that on the receipt Yeah, Madden Curse be damned, I was pretty stoked about getting a guy that was a top 5 RB in nearly all formats last year with pick 3.11 in a savvy, 12-team Fantasy draft I’ve been participating in for years. The fact that Hillis is a known hog wrestler and sports probably the best facemask in the NFL was an added bonus, of course.

However, apparently not content to let me enjoy the spoils of my draft success, today my friend, colleague and Fantasy Football competitor — The Gingerhead Man — decided to link me to the above video, which is currently featured at www.peytonhillis.com.

Needless to say, I was devastated. If the negative karma associated with such a display doesn’t mandate a drastic slump in Peyton’s performance this year, I’m not sure what possibly could. I mean, just where the f*ck is Peyton’s head at this year?

What’s next? Leaving shitty tips for hand to mouth hospitality industry workers at fine dining establishments, or something?

To be fair, based on the autographed helmet pictured above, whether or not that was the Peyton Hillis dropping a less than 10% tip is possibly in question. Whether or not Hillis has an 11-year old girl signing memorabilia for him is in question as well.

Either way, let’s just say I’m glad I had the wherewithal to pick up Montario Hardesty in the 13th.

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Video: Woman freaks the f*ck out after horse-drawn carriage mishap

August 10, 2011

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If you’re one of Frumpzilla’s literally dozens of return readers, then this may come as a surprise, but — believe it or else — we generally don’t take pleasure in other people’s pain. Truth.

Having said that, sometimes said pain is apparently derived from such unreasonable, ridiculous sources that, well, I guess we simply can’t help ourselves.

Take the inordinate amount of pain experienced in the above video; it’s a classic example of this phenomenon. I mean, short of  being under the impression that a nuclear device was somehow implanted in that horse — one triggered by the equine choosing to backup and/or deciding to take a break — is there any rational reason susceptible to empathy for those hysterical (albeit hilarious) cries of “Run! Run!” ?  The huffing? The puffing? The Blair Witch Project-inspired cinematography?

I say no. Which, of course, is why I took such great pleasure from this incident. Save the fallen horse, obviously.

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Pic of the Day: The Greatest Halfro Mankind Shall Ever Know

March 9, 2011


The greatest halfro mankind shall ever know

As promised, we’re back for at least a couple more days of “Random Frumpin’ Images.”

In light of yesterday’s inaugural entry, I suppose it was rather serendipitous to come across this rather bizarre mugshot of a young man sporting what one is all but obligated to term a “Halfro.” In and of itself, this may not pack the WTF punch of that Splinter of rat tails, but perhaps some context makes it a worthy association:

Twenty-year-old David C. Davis was mid-haircut Tuesday afternoon when, he told police, he was nearly attacked by another man and had to defend himself with a pair of scissors, police said.

The victim sustained a cut to the right side of his upper back. He is expected to recover.

Whether twenty-year old David C. Davis’ pride will ever recover from this photo is another question entirely.


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Pic of the Day: The Greatest Rat Tail Mankind Shall Ever Know

March 8, 2011


The greatest, most epic rat tail of all time

Seriously — don’t even bother. As far as rat tails go, it’s all downhill from here. And at a rather steep angle, I might add.

We’ve been wanting to do a “Pic of the Day” type thing for about 2 years now. Ultimately, none of us were willing to commit to actually having to post — however quickly — every day. I mean, that kind of obligation is extremely unsettling when you’re as lazy and prone to feelings of guilt as we are.

That said, maybe something as epic as this incredibly fantastic rat tail will light a fire.  Awe inspiring, isn’t it?

Anyway, this should keep us going for at least the rest of the week. We make no “Pic of the Day” promises from that point forward, however…

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Vulva: Feminine, Erotic, Intimate Vaginal Scent For Your Very Own WTF Smelling Pleasure

March 7, 2011

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Now you too can smell just like a wet vagina...As if we didn’t already have enough to blame Germany for — David Hasselhoff, Rammstein, Hitler, etc. — now there’s Vulva: New, Irresistible Vaginal Scent.

That’s right, Vulva — with roll-on applicator. While I imagine this isn’t fresh news, I’m just now learning how easy it is to carry the vaginal scent of a beautiful woman along where ever life’s travels may take me.  

Oh, and guys, it’s not a perfume. It’s not even cologne, or an eau de toilette. In fact:

It is the feminine, erotic, intimate scent for your own smelling pleasure. The NEW scent filled into an exclusive glass phial with a comfortable roll-on applicator with more content of that precious, organic substance.

Amazing. Capturing something like that in a bottle must have been a terribly taxing chore, no?:

Our greatest challenge was to preserve the intimate scent without altering the essences thereof. After many years of extensive testing and an especially developed preservation procedure, we have succeeded in capturing the sought-after organic vaginal scent with long lasting effect.

Breathtaking. So if it’s not a cologne, just what the hell am I supposed to do with it?

The phial is shaken gently, only a tiny amount of the slightly yellow, desirable substance is applied onto the back of the hand, and the irresistible smell that exudes from a sensuous vagina immediately intensifies your erotic fantasies and starts the film rolling in your head. Breath in and enjoy, anytime, anywhere, the intimate smell of an irresistible woman.

And what film might that be? A German one, I presume?


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Meet “Burger Girl”: She Wants You to Burn Her Vagina

February 16, 2011


Burger Girl's new single Kiss LamourWe don’t typically try to, I suppose, “question” musical ventures here at Frumpzilla. The art form is so subjective, you know — so deeply personal in nature for so many. Who is Frump, after all, to callously pass judgment on one’s passionate outpouring of acutely intimate creative expression?

That said, to be fair, I guess we may or may not have made some exceptions to this general rule in the past.

There was that “Miracles” song from Insane Clown Posse. Oh, and their follow-up single, “Juggalo Island.” Then there was DJ Felli Fells’ “I Wanna Get Drunk,” which was interesting. And the Crop Circle Song. And those cute little kids — not to mention Trevor Sayers — reminding us of how important it is to respect and obey authority.  So, yeah, I guess we’re not saintly, okay?

Anyway, notwithstanding the above confessions, it’s not necessarily our intent to disparage Benjamin Dukhan’s “Burger Girl” alter-ego here. Think of it more as a plea. A plea to, I guess, “understand” just what the hell he’s on about. Or even just on. Baby steps, you know…


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What if Brett Favre made one of those “What Should I Do?” commercials like Lebron James did?

January 19, 2011


Brett Favre vs Lebron JamesGiven his history, the world may never know for certain if Brett Favre will or will not retire, or change his mind about whatever decision he may or may not have made shortly thereafter.

But wouldn’t it be nice — wouldn’t it have been nice — if he asked the masses, sports fans, the people his actions affect the most for advice? You know, like our friend Lebron James did not so long ago?

I mean, things certainly couldn’t have gone much worse, right? Well, I’m not sure if Brett’s version would be this “penis-heavy,” but it probably should be.

All he had to do was ask, you know. Would of saved us all a lot of trouble.

Warning: If “penis” and “dick” are NSFW words where you earn your keep, then there’s some fairly NSFW language in the video

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I always knew former Tar Heel Rashad McCants had decent range, but this — well, this is something…

January 18, 2011

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Rashad McCants as the bisexual leader of a shoplifting ring

Perhaps this role isn't such a departure for McCants...

After five NBA seasons in which he averaged 10 points, 2 rebounds, and 1.3 assists per game, it now appears former UNC star — and integral part of the Heels’ 2004/2005 NCAA Championship team — Rashad McCants may be returning to “prison.” Only on the big (and/or small to medium-sized) screen this time.

Yes, according to the Big Lead, McCants is hoping his professional acting career plays out a bit better than his basketball — by playing the “bi-sexual leader of a shoplifting ring” in an upcoming series entitled The Booster Club.

Now, how in the hell The Big Lead figured that out from the above trailer, I’m not sure. I’ve watched it three times now and still haven’t deciphered the slightest semblance of plot, but I guess I’ll just take their word for it.

Real mutha f@ck*n mythological, indeed, Rashad. Break a leg…

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Stuck between a cop and a recycling bin, woman decides taking out the cop, making him eat her dust, is best shot at escape

January 3, 2011


Frump had a minor hit back in 2010 with its “Best of Winter Driving Fails” post. Technically speaking, I suppose the above fail would qualify for inclusion in that list as well, though the lack of wintry conditions certainly keeps it from being a perfect fit.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the level of fail involved here is rather epic, and despite the fact there’s pretty much no way to determine just what the hell is going on, not to mention just how on earth we arrived at such a scene. Incidentally, there’s a strong chance this — eventually arrested — Chevrolet Camaro driver doesn’t know how she arrived at the scene either, but I’ll wait for further info before passing judgment on that.

Too fast. Too furious. Too WTF? I don’t know, but I guess this is like porn for the growing number of anarchist, American sports car enthusiasts out there.

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The worst beatbox ever? Pffft. How about the BEST beatbox ever!

December 23, 2010


Beatboxers everywhere, beware. Guy’s got skills, clearly.

I don’t recognize that flag hanging behind him, so until I hear something to the contrary, I’m assuming it’s safe to call this guy “The Russian Rahzel.” It just makes sense.

Make the jump to see the competition…


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Iya Traore brings you the best freestyle soccer skills you’ll ever see — while Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” plays softly in the background

December 18, 2010


Seriously, I challenge the world to demonstrate — via video evidence — that the title of this post is anything other than an indisputable fact.

I considered adding conditions such as “In Paris,” “Outside the Sacre-Couer,” and/or “Amongst those able to scale a lamppost while a soccer ball spins on a stick in their mouth,” but then that just wouldn’t be reasonable, would it?

See more of Mr. Traore’s magic feet after the jump (with slightly more appropriate song selections)


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Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power

December 17, 2010

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Back in 1975, Brazilian film maker Adriano Stuart decided it was time to make his masterpiece: Kung Fu Contra as Bonecas. Apparently, this loosely translates as Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power, which, of course, was clearly destined to bring us some of the more bizarrely epic fight sequences in “Bruceploitation” history.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak Portuguese. Well, I actually do know a few words and phrases: “cerveja,” “por favor,” “obrigado,” “de nada,” “amo-te,” “Eu quero fazer amor contigo,” “saudade.” Stuff like that — and typically in a similar sequence — but that’s about it.

That said, I won’t be much help with any translations here, but — given that being able to comprehend any of the dialogue may or may not cause your head to explode — that’s probably a good thing.

Make the jump if you’re interested in braving even more classic moving images from Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power. I’m not entirely sure where the “Gay Power” element comes in, but then I don’t think that’s particularly important — nor even remotely relevant — to achieving a fundamental understanding of the film’s underlying message…


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Russian Kids: Still not afraid of heights, now tackling reckless, homemade bungie jumping

December 9, 2010


Hey, remember those crazy ass Russian teens going walkabout on that 900 foot tower? If not, scroll back a bit with your mouse and click on that bold text that reads “crazy ass Russian teens going walkabout on that 900 foot tower?” Depending on your level of acrophobia, you may or may not regret it.

Well, as if being insanely high up in the air — unsecured — wasn’t tempting fate enough, those rambunctious red rascals are now hurling themselves off the sides of buildings. Just, you know, fastened to a rope, of course.

Is it really that boring over there, guys? I mean, why not waste your youth on something a bit less dangerous — like, train sledding, or something. Either way, I’m just glad the Cold War is over, lest these whippersnappers get their hands on some launch codes…

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