11 Days of Bowling, 12/31:  Brut Sun Bowl

Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 1:25 pm ET

College Football

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To be honest, I am a little surprised that Brut edged out Drakkar Noir and Polo (Green Bottle) for the rights on this one.  Ahhh, the days of middle school hallways laced with prepubescent, gold chain-wearing teens smelling like their fathers.  Those truly were the days.  So a special shout-out to Brut for the reminder….and now, likely, depression.  Oh, and after the Frump!, a look at Stanford v. Oklahoma. 2 PM Eastern Standard Time…

Stanford v. Oklahoma -10.  55.5 O/U

Please excuse my brevity, but I think there are really only a couple of points to be made here.

1.  Toby Gerhart.  He is a fantastic back, obviously, and the Stanford line is very physical as was seen in the thrashing of the Trojans.  The Cardinal O is averaging 224 ypg on the ground this year with Gerhart accounting for 145 of that total.  Disgusting.  Now, Oklahoma is only giving up 88 ypg on the ground this year.  Also, Disgusting.  These competing statistics, however, lead me to #2…

2.  Boomer Sooner does not give two craps about this game.  If Bradford and Gresham (Maybe others….I have no idea) stay healthy, they might be in the big one.  This is a monster game, however, for the Cardinal.

Advantage Stanford.  I think the Cardinal wins straight up.  I also like the over here as Stanford gives up 26 ppg.  Stanford 33-30.


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