2000’s: A Wolfpack Decade of “meh”

Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 4:54 pm ET

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Frumped by

Coach Fowler, on the job

Just a quick look into the records of the ‘big three’ sports at my beloved NCSU since 9/5/2000 reveals a very average group of programs and ZERO ACC Titles under the reign of Coach Fowler …

(caution – ranting and [words] to follow)

Baseball Coach Elliot Avent

  • Arguably the most successful of the “Big Three” sports over Mr. Fowler’s tenure, the Wolfpack Baseball team boasts a record of 337-207 or .619 % since 2000
  • Coach Avent has gone to 6 NCAA Tournaments and 2 Super Regionals
  • ZERO ACC Regular Season or ACC Tournament Titles
  • Not a Fowler hire, but a solid coach with an above average program in a challenging conference

Former Coach Chuck Amato

Football Coach Tom O'Brien

  • Under Chuck Amato and Tom O’Brien, NC State Football is a pedestrian 60-51 or .540 since 2000…even with All-World stud QB Phillip Rivers as a four-year starter during that time
  • The slightly above .500 record has led to 6 slightly above.500 type bowls, mostly with All-World stud QB Phillip Rivers at the helm…the Pack was 4-2 in those bowls
  • ZERO ACC Titles
  • O’Brien is a Fowler hire, who at the time, seemed like slam dunk…unfortunately, O’Brien has struggled (to this point) to duplicate the success he had at BC for a myriad of reasons…the upcoming 2010 campaign will be telling for Coach O’Brien, who must start to achieve some tangible results on the field

Former Basketball Coach Herb Sendek

Basketball Coach Sidney Lowe

  • The bane of most Wolfpack fans is probably the once-great basketball program, which is 206-133 or .607 since 2000
  • The Pack did enjoy 5 straight NCAA appearances and one Sweet Sixteen at the beginning of the decade, but only one NIT postseason since
  • ZERO ACC Regular Season or ACC Tournament Titles
  • Sendek left NC STATE under the watch of Lee Fowler and to call the coaching search anything but embarrassing is to be disingenuous…Lowe is a beloved figure in NCSU history but, like Tom O’Brien, must start to show results on the court…a much-heralded recruiting class and their efforts next season will likely seal the fate of Coach Lowe

Writer’s note;

I am not a “fire the coach” guy.  I am a firm believer in giving people time to build their programs.  I do think Tom O’Brien will be successful and I do think Sidney Lowe will be successful if given a little more time.  Those beliefs could easily be interpreted as confidence in the decision-making ability of Lee Fowler.

They should not be…despite having some of the best facilities in the nation, a rabid fan base, a nation-wide brand and numerous and notable professional athletes flying the NCSU banner in their profiles, we are mired in mediocrity.

My beefs with Lee are as follows;

1.  Lee Fowler has consistently demonstrated his disconnect with the fan base…between the infamous “lunatic fringe” comments and the tailgating restrictions, he constantly alienates those of us who support the athletic department.

2.  NC STATE’s athletics have become synonymous with average – across the board – under the 10 year spell of Lee Fowler…even beyond the ‘big 3’ we have little to cheer about.

3.  Under Fowler, our sports marketing department seems completely incapable of creating effective brand-building tools without embarrassing themselves at every turn (see the basketball uniforms last season, the seemingly different and incoherent mish-mash football intro from year to year and the full-length motion picture spirit-sucking, crowd killing basketball intro video this season).  These most simple of exercises turn public and laughable and embody our very programs.

They do a SEVERE injustice to the fine student-athletes who take the court and field for us.

Its time for a new person at the top.  A person with some vision and some marketing smarts.  A person who does not loathe the very ones who pay his salary.


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4 Responses to “2000’s: A Wolfpack Decade of “meh””

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Is this logo officially licensed by the University?

  2. Cochese Says:

    the logo is…another perfect example of how our marketing ‘gets it.’

  3. B Diddy Says:

    once again….:
    Sears Cup Standings since Lee got here:
    00-01 – 56
    01-02 – 46
    02-03 – 43
    03-04 – 39
    04-05 – 51
    05-06 – 34
    06-07 – 44
    07-08 – 56
    08-09 – 65
    Accepting mediocrity since 2000!

  4. ncsu1 Says:

    The intros, while I’m sure WSM has some kind of input in to, are mainly in the realm of CanesVision… if you go into the first article on http://canesvision-hd.blogspot.com/ and put a comment someone will likely see it at some point.

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