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Frumped by

Donk Spotter and Cochese celebrating the W


Details of the epic beatdown after the jump…

Russell the Love Muscle

NC STATE outrushed the holes 187 yds to a laughable 56 yds

NC STATE outgained the holes 466 yds to 203 yds

NC STATE forced 6 turnovers

NC STATE was 8 for 17 on third down, while holding the holes to 3 for 11

Obviously the most telling stat was UNC’s inability to hold onto the football.  Amazingly, the score shouldve been much worse had the Pack been able to muster more than a field goal on two early UNC fumbles.  UNC had feasted early in the season creating huge amounts of turnovers against vastly inferior opponents.  In their defense, they were probably a little fatigued from having their asses kissed so much by the media as a result of said inferior opponents.   

Another huge factor in the game was the play of NC STATE’s front seven.  NCSU was able to control UNC’s running game without having to bring the safeties up, leaving them back to protect against Hakeem Nicks, who was a non-factor.  UNC was unable to do the same, leaving NC STATE with wide receivers running open throughout the UNC secondary all afternoon. 

This woodshed ass-whipping will go down in history as one of the series’ most epic beatings.  UNC was favored by 13 at one point in Vegas and they got absolutely manhandled.  Butch Davis’s team played soft and uninspired.  


BMFD has now had his ass handed to him 2 years in a row by coach O’Brien, who is quickly molding NC STATE into the type of teams he likes…tough, physical and headstrong.  NC STATE is now playing football the way it is meant to be played and I, for one, think the future is very bright. 

willie young with a huge game - 2 sacks, 1 int


Great win to savor Wolfpackers. 

it was a good day

It was a good day.



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3 Responses to “41-10 – THAT JUST HAPPENED”

  1. The GingerHead Man Says:

    “I didn’t even have to use my A.K.”  Really was a beatdown.

  2. Howard Cosell Says:

    Calling other teams and their fans “holes”…very classy.  Way to win your small-time, small-conference football game. 

    I’d probably shut my mouth before January 31st though.  You know, since basketball is really what matters around there.

    Anyway, act like you’ve won before, this is bush league.

  3. Cochese Says:

    typical HOLE fan there.  nothing like a whining loser to bring up “class” or another sport after watching their team shit the bed.

    thanks for playing.

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