A Little Cuke in the Fiesta Bowl

Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 8:30 pm ET

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Frumped by

Michael McDonald really cukes up just about everything he touces...

When I found out (from Ciaran) that I had missed the Cuke’s Fiesta Bowl rendition of the National Anthem, I was destroyed.  Devastated.  Cukes do not stay fresh forever, and these moments do not grow on trees (or in the ground).  Shockingly, I could not find video of the performance; I found something much, much bettah…

Frump for additional Cuke.

Obviously, you now know to whom I am referring, but why The Cuke?  Well, it all started a long time ago…..I was contemplating a sandwich combination with a friend of Frumpzilla, Beeker.  Great guy.  Anyway, I was thinking out loud about adding cucumber to said sandwich…

Beeker:  “What the hell are you doing?”

Me:  “Pardon.”

Beeker:  “Cucumber completely overpowers a sandwich.  You are ruining everything.”

Me:  “Fine.  Jesus.  Ok.”

So, fastforward years later >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I am a big fan of The Dan, and I was watching a VH1 special (with Ciaran) on the making of “Aja.”  Fantastic album.  Ciaran will most likely feature some classic jams from that album in the near future.  Right?  Right?  Good.  Well, during the piece on “Peg”, they really hammer home the fact that Michael McDonald sings back up vocals (over himself)…..yea, over HIMSELF.  And completely drowns out Donald Fagan, other instruments, etc.

Anywho, to make a longer story shorter, I started dubbing said Mikey Mac, “The Cuke” because he overpowers every thing he touches.

Here is the proof:

…starts at 1:06…continues with chorus


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