Arizona State disbands cheerleading squad in travesty of justice

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Is there a bigger buzzkill than rampant and unchecked political-correctness?

Seriously.  WHAT THE FUCK.

While I love to see cheerleaders expressing their individuality in pictures such as these and believe such behavior should not only be encouraged but also rewarded, the disbanding of this team is part of the larger, growing nationwide phenomenon of spineless, ball-less old white people who obviously have no recollection of their youth.  Since when does a picture of a group of girls, in what amounts to bathing suites, taken in private, warrant the disbanding of a team?  I could understand if this was done in public or at one of their events…but not in private.   

Listen up America.  Shit like this is what is going to bring us down.  Not only typical, over the top responses to pictures like this, but also the scrutinizing and policing of words.  Ultra-conservatives and race-baiters dont want you to use certain words because they offend ‘some’ people.  They ‘could’ be heard by children.  Ask Don Imus or local buffoon Bob Dumas.  Go back and read 1984 – this is how Big Brother controls you.  He limits your vocabulary.  He segregates speech into classifications.  HE TAKES AWAY HALF NAKED PICTURES OF COLLEGE CHEERLEADERS.   

In light of this, I say go ahead ladies.  Take the pictures.  Show them to me and together, we will fight to keep Big Brother at bay!!




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2 Responses to “Arizona State disbands cheerleading squad in travesty of justice”

  1. Jrock Says:

    Matt Leinart is living the dream. Holla at cha boy for the next pool party. l’ll take Reggie’s spot.

  2. BigAlatUNC Says:

    Amen brother! Power to the people!

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