Canseco Calls Out Angela Lansbury

Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 1:12 pm ET

Kissed With Apocalypse, MLB

Frumped by

Canseco raises doubts about sleuth’s cognitive prowess. 




Garrick Spencer challenged Canseco’s assertions. “The implication
you are making in your book is that Jessica Flecther… was interested and
intent on using steroids and you introduced her to a known steroid dealer in
Florida,” Spencer said. “And yet, somehow, you won’t produce any
evidence to support that allegation. Now why not?

“The timing is not right,” said Canseco.

“You see,” Spencer said, “that’s just not a good enough
answer, because if it was true…”

“Sure it is,” said Canseco.

“Why?” Spencer pressed.

“It’s the only answer,” said Canseco.

“Why didn’t you produce the evidence?” Spencer again asked.

“The timing is not right,” said Canseco. “Let’s see how
Angela reacts to this. Let’s see if they call me a liar again. How’s that for
you? Let’s see if all of a sudden they’re going to call me a liar again.”

“You do realize that Jessica Fletcher is a fictional character?” said

“Look Spence. I know a thing or two about truth and fiction. Murder
She Wrote
was a documentary. Lansbury was on steroids. There’s no way she could
deductive reason as well as Sherlock Holmes without the ‘roids. It’s not
happening,” said Canseco.

“What is your true reason for naming Lansbury in your new book?” said

“This is just the
beginning. I have names of thousands of characters that have used steroids. Ask
yourself, ‘How can you make a bomb out of a toothpick and a shoe string.’ You
know who I’m talking about. He was on steroids too,” said Canseco.

“You are utterly insane,” said Spence.

“So they say, so they say,” said Canseco. 


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