Carlsberg Workers Strike Over Only Being Allowed to Drink at Lunch

Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 4:58 pm ET

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Carlsberg employees go on strikeIn the latest story reminding us yanks that we may be just a bit too uptight at times, still not too far removed from certain aspects of our evangelical roots ( perhaps), over 1,000 Carlsberg brewery workers went on strike recently, apparently up in arms about the company’s new “Lunch-Only” beer policy.

That’s right, up until now, employees of the Danish brewer were allowed to drink as much as they liked on the job…with one minor caveat.  According to Carlsberg spokesman Jens Bekke, the only restriction was “that you could not be drunk at work. It was up to each and everyone to be responsible.” Hey, seems fair to me…

Now, however, beer consumption shall be limited to employees’ lunch breaks, and then only :::gasp::: within the company canteen! You read that correctly, Frumpsters. No more pints at your desk while you’re banging out those TPS reports. No more lager while discussing last night’s football match around the office beer cooler (seriously, they had beer coolers all over the work site). No more stepping outside for that quick cig and swig of ale on your smoke break. It’s almost too tragic to comprehend.

Thankfully, the Carlsberg brass showed that they’re only so draconian by making one, perfectly reasonable, exception: The new policy will not apply to the brewery’s delivery drivers. Phew!

Indeed, Carlsberg truck drivers are exempt from the rule.  They’re allowed to bring up to three beers from the canteen with them to slake their thirst while out on delivery trips (to be fair, the trucks apparently have an alco-sensor ignition system to make sure the drivers aren’t in DUI land).

Despite this concession, several of the drivers went on strike anyway, apparently out of sympathy for their co-workers that fall under this new cruel and unusual corporate policy — a gesture truly as heart warming as the acid-reflux Carlsberg has given me several times over the years.

But yeah, sobering back up a bit, as only we Americans (and perhaps Islamic fundamentalists) can, I have to ask: Is the thought of having a beer or two at work, even on your lunch break, so horrific?  Would the wheels of our burgeoning, bustling economy come off, assuming they’re still there, if employers served light beer as an option in the cafeteria?  An interesting question considering the loud cries we often hear in this country related to the concept of personal responsibility.  It’s a choice, after all, yes?  And one with consequences if you’re not responsible about it.

So, just remember: Don’t drink to excess (while you’re on the clock).

Source: MSNBC (via AP)

Thanks to Kayakngirl for the link

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