Curry Watch—Game 7

Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 3:45 pm ET

College Basketball, Kissed With Apocalypse

Frumped by

Stephen Curry

This series is dedicated to the most exciting, exhilirating, electrifying and talented college basketball player of all-time (save David Thompson, Bryce Drew and a host of others)…..Stephen Curry.  Recaps from games five and six after the jump.

Facts, no laughs.  That’s what this series is about.  Why?  Because Stephen Curry is a beast, and he’s not funny; he’s a killer.  So, let’s just get down to the neeeeeety greeeeeeety.

Game 7 v. NC State:

First of all, this is the only game I have watched, or will watch, where I thought, or will think, the following:  “Man, I hate this kid.  Look how skinny he is; he looks ridiculous.  This dude is as ugly as baby duck sh#t.  I am absolutely convinced I can guard this guy.  MOTHER F#$%^!!!!!!” 

And of course, it just got worse from there.  Luckily, this game was on Fox Sports South, or whatever it’s called now.  Rebounding, Pack.  Rebounding.

44 points (4-14 from three), 3 assists and 3 steals.  And ONE broken heart (Mine).

The White Lobster looked like a certain excrement referenced above.  A big steaming pile.

NC State Head Coach Sidney Lowe’s comments:  “I just really feel bad about this.  I mean, how in the hell is Donk Spotter going to write that article this week. How?!?!?!?!”

Ok, I made that up.  The real stuff:  “He’s not just a shooter. He’s a basketball player.”

Yea, I guess so, Coach.  I came to that realization after his 28th floater-in-the-lane in the second half. 

And big ups to the Davidson crowd for chanting Zack Morris’ real name every time Fergie went to the line.  That punishment was just.  And Mr. Belding would agree.

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