Curry Watch—Games 3 and 4

Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 11:20 am ET

College Basketball

Frumped by

Stephen Curry

This series is dedicated to the most exciting, exhilirating, electrifying and talented college basketball player of all-time (save David Thompson, Bryce Drew and a host of others)…..Stephen Curry.  Recaps from games three and four after the jump.

Facts, no laughs.  That’s what this series is about.  Why?  Because Stephen Curry is a beast, and he’s not funny; he’s a killer.  So, let’s just get down to the neeeeeety greeeeeeety.

Game 3 v. Oklahoma:

44 points (6-15 from three), 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals.  Not a lot of ball distribution here, but why should he?  The 29 shots he took obviously wasn’t enough.  They lost.

The White Lobster was 1-7 from three for 3 points.  Awful.

I see Blake Griffin answered the call with 25 points and 21 rebounds.  Good for him.

Oklahoma Head Coach Jeff Capel’s comments:  “He’s special. You’re looking at a guy that’s one of the best guys out there,” Capel said. “That’s certainly one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

I agree.

Game 4 v. Winthrop:

30 points (5-12 from three), 3 rebounds, 13 assists and 3 steals.  There’s the ball distribution you like in your point guard–Even though he shouldn’t be running the point.  In fact, he shouldn’t pass it ever.  The way I see it, those 13 assists could have been 13 threes.  And that would’ve brought the total to 69 points, which is about right.

The White Lobster was 3-8 from three for 11 points.  Pedestrian.

Winthrop Head Coach Randy Peele’s comments:  “He’s really good with the ball, and he’s faster with the ball than what you realize,” Peele said. “He’s really hard to contain.”

Yea, Coach, I’d say impossible.


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  1. Da Passion Says:

    Can we have a post dedication to his mother….

  2. Ciaran Says:

    That’s not a bad idea…

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