Day 1 at the Masters: Recap

Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 10:26 pm ET


Frumped by

Tiger is 4 shots back after the opening round, but we stand by our prediction…

Metaphorical account/prediction of this year's Masters.  The guy in tope represents the field...

Tiger Watch!  That’s right, probably isn’t fair to call this a recap.  More like a routine checkup on whether Tiger stays within reasonable range of our earlier prediction of a 6 stroke victory .  With a big “E” today, including back to back Bogeys followed by an Eagle on the 15th,  I think we’re still fine, for now.  Luckily Tiger hasn’t broken a leg yet.  Or any other bone for that matter.

Having Justin Rose and some guy named Trevor Immelman at -4 is a bit troublesome perhaps, but hey, it’s the first day.  Tiger’s got time, and Sunday Tiger is all that really matters anyway.  Let’s just say that our metaphorical account pictured above may get a bit more graphic as the event progresses…

Okay, now for some Tiger free highlights:

-The whole gig was delayed today for an hour, because of fog.  Enough said.

-Ian Poulter aced the 16th, which was nice.  Not nice was Poulter’s attire.  Far too conservative, relatively speaking.  I expect pink, teal or any pastel from him, or any combination thereof.  White and lime green aren’t gonna cut it.  No pun intended.  Wasn’t Jack Nicklaus sporting the same coordination during the Par 3 competition?  Pick it up, Ian.  It’s just you and Tiger afterall…

-Already mentioned this, but I’ll mention it again: Justin Rose and some guy named Trevor Immelman are your current leaders at 4 under.  Or, in other words, the first two guys casual viewers thought had a legitimate shot at Tiger’s 5th Green Jacket.  Remember that one for your next trivia night.  Seriously, Frumpsters, he’s even money against the ENTIRE FIELD.  And by using the term “even money”, we’re in no way promoting or endorsing illegal gambling of any kind.

-79 year old Arnold Palmer, 4 time Masters champion, opened up today’s festivities.  Arnie won his first Masters 50 years ago.  50 YEARS AGO.  Which may explain why (WARNING: Insensitive joke about what 79 years will do to a legend’s golf swing follows) he apparently mistook the opening swing ceremony for “Opening Day”

-As long as we’re on the topic of the elderly, might as well mention South African legend Gary Player.  He finished at +11.  Rock bottom of the field.  It’s safe to say Player won’t be getting measured for his 4th Green Jacket this year, but, at 72 years young, he’s got time.  Just not much…

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