Do they win?  Great!

Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 7:00 pm ET

Kissed With Apocalypse

Frumped by

Trey Wingo

Everyone loves a winner, right?  Not in the world o’ sports, my friend.  Ask Cubs fans.  Evidently Mr. Wingo didn’t get the memo.

I listen to Mike & Mike quite a bit.  Last week Golic was out, and Trey Wingo was the replacement.  Big mistake, but that’s a discussion for another day.  On this day, Greeny revealed a big steaming pile of doodie about Mr. ESPN Sportscaster.  Apparently, his favorite football team is the Cowboys, his favorite baseball team is the Yankees, and his favorite college basketball team is the Baby Blues from Chapel Hill.  He justified this by saying that his family is from Texas, he grew up in Connecticut, and he wanted to attend UNC.  To quote Dejected Elk, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”  Yea, that’s right.  Trey loves him some winners.  What’s wrong with the Texas Rangers?  Uh, well, they suck. 

Presently, his favorite college soccer team is undoubtedly Wake Forest, his favorite college football team must be LSU, and his favorite NBA team is surely San Antonio.  Obviously, these selections are subject to change.  Let me guess–your favorite movie is Citizen Kane, and you just loooove pizza.  Is that a Budweiser in your hand, Trey?  No?  Close enough.

Your fanhood makes me sick to my stomach.

Donk Spotter

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3 Responses to “Do they win?  Great!”

  1. Jrock Says:

    Don’t forget the Red Wings. There’s nothing admirable about being a Brewer’s fan other than owning a Robin Yount throwback. Roll with the winners Trey.

  2. Ciaran Says:

    By this time next year, I’m hoping Wingo’s favorite college football team will be the Georgia Bulldogs…

  3. The GingerHead Man Says:

    If they win it all, definitely.  I think that’s very possible by the way.

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