Even more footage from Alabama’s Wal-Mart BCS Trophy Extravaganza…

Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 12:04 pm ET

College Football

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Now with full motion pictures!  Yeah, I know it seems we’re piling on at this point, but, on a hunch, I just happened to be over at You’re So Right, Carl.  I also just happened to come across this video of a fan documenting his expedition to find the end of the seemingly endless queue of Bama faithful waiting to gaze upon the crystal egg representing their 8th, 13th, or 38th National Championship (depending on who you ask).

Make sure you make it to the end, because he starts to freak out a bit when he realizes he’s gonna be hangin’ out in Wal-Mart for awhile.  Enjoy.

Credit BB&T for the tip.

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