Favre Out, Rodgers In, Packers Done

Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 9:44 am ET


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Favre Announces Retirement

Brett Favre retires one day after Randy Moss re-signs with the Pats.

It’s official. Brett Favre has retired (finally). Fox’s Jay Glazer broke the news early Tuesday morning after confirming the rumor with Favre’s agent. On his radio show, Colin Cowherd reported that Favre wanted to play another year and the Packers didn’t ask him to retire nor did they try to talk him out of it. Now this tidbit of news may not be shocking to many fans of the NFL, as Favre’s retirement has been rumored since he was drafted. However, the shock factor comes in when you consider the timing of his retirement:

(1) The Packers are coming off of an impressive 13-3 season and deep playoff run

(2) The running game had a strong showing in the second half of the season

(3) Favre had one of the best statistical years of his career

(4) And finally, the retirement is announced on the heels of Randy Moss re-signing with the Pats.

The “experts” are whispering that Brett Favre lobbied for the Packers to sign Randy Moss in free agency this year. Favre and Moss have both publicly declared that they wanted to play with each other. The Packers either didn’t want to sign Moss this year or couldn’t match the New England Cheatriots’ offer. In either case, I would have loved to see Favre and Moss play pitch and catch (partially because he wouldn’t be on the Pats), but if Favre’s decision had anything to do with Moss, than it really makes you re-think how needy this future first ballot of HOF’er may have been in his final negotiation with Packers. 

It’s hard to imagine the Packers without Favre and vice versa, but he leaves the game, or the Packers anyway, as one of the best to ever play the game and with monster statistics: 61,655 passing yards, 442 TDs and 288 INTs. Favre will most likely be inducted into the HOF as the only QB to complete his first pass to himself and his last pass being intercepted.

Now the future of the Green Bay Packers is in the hands of Aaron Fucking Rodgers. Although Rodgers performed admirably in Favre’s absence against Dallas in Week 13, he’s going to have a lot of pressure to keep the Packers at the top of NFC. The two things that Rodgers and Green Bay fans can take solace in is (1) Rodgers has had an opportunity to learn from the best and (2) the NFC sucks a big fat one. Good luck in 2008 Green Bay, you’re going to need it.

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3 Responses to “Favre Out, Rodgers In, Packers Done”

  1. En Why Gee Says:

    NFC sucks?  Last time I checked the Lombardi Trophy resides in the NFC side of the meadowlands.

  2. John Madden Says:

    Rodgers has memorized every play in John Madden. He practices only on All-Madden level too. He’s dangerous.

  3. VaginaFinda Says:

    Nice buttock picture of favre. Also, i think this is the best article I have ever read.

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