Fowl Play?

Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 6:07 pm ET

College Basketball, Kissed With Apocalypse

Frumped by

As fate would have it, Frumpzilla has come across some rather interesting photos of Lee Fowler, NC State’s much maligned athletic director, in his off season activities…which, based on the success (or lack thereof) of his tenure,  may or may not be year round.

Oh, and dear, dear Frumpsters, we have several more for you after the jump…

Lee Fowler on jet ski

If the ship's going down, Lee Fowler is ready. If only State fans could get their hands around his neck...

Lee Fowler singing karaoke

Own it, Lee...f*cking own it with that power stance! Live it, live it!

Lee Fowler: The wind beneath my wings

The Wind Beneath my Wings

Now, for those not as well versed in NCSU athletics, here’s a little taste of the situation at hand:

NC State’s Cross Country championship in November of 2009 was their first ACC Title since winning the ACC Wrestling Championship in March of 2007.

Since Fowler has been at the helm (2000), NC State has not won a conference championship in any major revenue sport (their last conference title among the major revenue programs was baseball in the 1991-1992 season).

A program with some of the best football and basketball facilities in the ACC is starved for success, and the revolution has now reached the top.  After students wore “Fire Fowler” t-shirts to express their disdain for the current steward of their floundering athletic department, his daughter confronted several fellow classmates regarding their actions.

Needless to say, this has turned ugly fast, as can be witnessed at forums here and here,  granting us access to some hilarious photographic evidence showing the old man hard at work.  Moreover, the student newspaper, The Technician, has already penned their take on Raleigh’s favorite retard (sorry, Sarah) here .

But, honestly, who can blame State fans? I would be pissed 0ff too if I had not won any championship of significance in 20 years, and pictures of my athletic director leaked that made him look closer to a cigar swindling, nap taking, karaoke loving doppelganger of Jed Clampett more than the purported leader a university of NC State’s stature deserves.

Is this the perfect storm that finally rids the Wolfpack fanbase of a persistent source of anger? We’ll see, and Frump is keeping an eye on this one.

Look for Cochese to come back strong with some more stats on Mr. Fowler, but, for now, let’s just enjoy him while he lasts…

Lee Fowler in his escape pop in case the ship starts to go down

Fowler's escape pod (you know, for the whole "sinking ship" motif)

Careful with that cigar, Lee Fowler

Burnin' Down The House!

Lee Fowler: AD Karaoke Tournament Champion 2010

At the Copa! Copa Cabana!

Even more karaoke from Mr. Fowler

"I don't want anybody else...when I think about you I touch myself!"

Lee Fowler will never surrender

This pic would be far more appropriate if the flag matched the shirt...

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17 Responses to “Fowl Play?”

  1. B Diddy Says:

    Sears Cup Standings since Lee got here:
    00-01 – 56
    01-02 – 46
    02-03 – 43
    03-04 – 39
    04-05 – 51
    05-06 – 34
    06-07 – 44
    07-08 – 56
    08-09 – 65
    Accepting mediocrity since 2000!

  2. B Diddy Says:

    Notable Sears Cup rankings this past year:

    2. UVA
    3. UNC
    6. FSU
    9. UMD
    11. WFU
    13. Duke
    22. BC
    49. App St.
    65. NCSU
    67. Va Tech

    notables ahead of us: W&M(23), UCSB(33), N.Az(36), Dayton(38), Richmond(47)

  3. B Diddy Says:

    All from:

    More on the Directors cup(former Sears cup) which should be the main gauge for how an AD is doing:'_Cup

  4. Cochese Says:

    the man, the myth, the legend.

  5. Daniel Says:

    It is absolutely pathetic that you would take pictures of a guy on Vacation with his family and use them to say hes not working hard, lazy, or any of that crap. You are pathetic, sad excuse for a person. I hope your mother gets breast cancer

  6. Cochese Says:

    so wishing breast cancer on a person’s mother is less offensive than mocking a person on vacation? makes sense to me!!! kudos sir. you have made a solid point.

  7. Patrick Malone Says:

    @Lee_Folwer I did not know you were a karaoke star. How drunk were you?

  8. Joe Ovies Says:

    RT @YieldToFrump: @joeovies @statefansnation Lee Fowler's leisure activities hit the web earlier today..poor guy,then again, poor nc state:

  9. Will Brinson Says:

    RT @YieldToFrump: @joeovies @statefansnation Lee Fowler's leisure activities hit the web earlier today..poor guy,then again, poor nc state:

  10. Patrick Malone Says:

    RT @YieldToFrump: @joeovies @statefansnation Lee Fowler's leisure activities hit the web earlier today..poor guy,then again, poor nc state:

  11. Josh Spencer Says:

    @merrittst please click on this link and be prepared to laugh your Jed Fowler hating arse off:

  12. dbj Says:

    pfft. who cares. pics of the daughter or it didnt happen.

  13. dbj Says:

    the daughter is definitely hot. myth confirmed.

  14. Statefansnaciton Says:

    Can’t believe that you didn’t link to SFN for most of this article. We could have made it pretty easy for you. :-)

    Many of these statistics and numbers like the stat about the lack of major championships since 1992 originated from work we’ve done. That one came from this entry in October that includes quite a few more damning stats:

    Certainly don’t ignore this one as it will give you much of the raw data that you would like:

    Check us out later today for more.

  15. Ciaran Says:


    I feel your pain when it comes to feeling like you may not have been rightfully cited/linked to (It’s happened to us a handful of times recently (or at least we think it has)).

    Now, I’m the only one at Frumpzilla that isn’t intimately connected to NCSU athletics, and I only had a minor role in the creation of this article, but I was happy to take the time to review the links you posted. Good stuff. Enjoyed it (seriously).

    However, having said that, I don’t really see it…unless we’ve wronged the NCSU Sports Information department somehow by not crediting them as well, or something. Is this piece even that stat heavy? The stuff Frump cites just seems like some quite general references to situations any hard core State athletics fan would have been aware of. Aware solely due to Statefans? Possibly (I guess), but, for example, would the author have had to come across your article to know that the last major championship won by NCSU was in 1992?

    Either way, not trying to be difficult, and I’m not sure if your comment was actually even an accusation, or whatever, but I just wanted to clear the air. As always, we appreciate you guys linking to us, and our comments are “Do Follow” so, if you don’t get some hits, hopefully you’ll at least get some Google juice. Thanks again, and Go Pack (unless you’re playing Georgia)!


  1. uberVU - social comments - February 18, 2010

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by flair11: @Lee_Folwer I did not know you were a karaoke star. How drunk were you?…

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