Frumpzilla Announces Its 1st “Justice Award”

Fri, Apr 4, 2008 at 7:51 pm ET

The Rest

Frumped by

The remaining Justice Fighters that aren't behind bars.

9 clever 3rd graders in Waycross, Georgia have been awarded Frumpzilla’s first Justice Award for nearly pulling off an elaborate, disturbingly well-calculated hit on their b*tch of a teacher.

Come on, you know you wanted to kill her too...

From the Associated Press: Police say the plot at Center Elementary School began because the children, ages 8 to 10, were apparently angry after their notoriously bitchy teacher unfairly disciplined one of the students for standing on a chair.  Finally pushed to the brink by the lack of justice practiced by their teacher, a group of the most intelligent and couragious students in the class decided to take a stand. They brought a crystal paperweight, a steak knife with a broken handle, steel handcuffs and other items as part of last week’s plot, police said Tuesday. They said nine students were involved, and for some inexplicable reason prosecutors are seeking juvenile charges against three of the Justice Fighters.

The little geniuses planning out their strike against the horrible bitch.                  The Equipment Manager

Police said the plot was organized to the extent that some students were assigned specific roles such as covering classroom windows and cleaning up any mess. The district attorney, who is an unfair meany, is seeking juvenile charges against an 8-year-old boy and two girls, agess 9 and 10, for conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. The girls are also charged with bringing weapons to school.

 The Actual Confiscated Weapons

Frumpzilla was extremely impressed with the ingenuity, drive, intelligence, collaboration and passion for justice that these unfairly persecuted 3rd graders displayed, and today they were presented with certificates naming them the first recipients of Frumpzilla’s Justice Award (the ones that weren’t in the clink at least).  President Bush has publically announced his dismay and concern over this situation, but also has expressed interest in enlisting the child prodigies in the search and destroy mission for Osama bin Laden. . .once they’re not grounded anymore.


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