Have You Seen Felix the Police Dog?

Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 8:39 am ET

Feathers and Fur, The Rest

Frumped by

Little local flavor to start out the day, a public service announcement.  One of the drug dogs from a nearby Sherrif’s Department has apparently gone missing, and, as a favor for a friend — since Frumpzilla has so much exposure, obviously — I’m posting this in hopes it leads to Felix’s return to the Fuzz.

UPDATE:  Breaking news, Frumpsters.  Coincidentally, less than an hour after the publishing of this article, they just happened to have found Felix.  Congratulations, Internet.  Your power is unrivaled.

Felix the police dog has gone missing.  Please contact the Pitt County Sherrif's Department if you have any information on his whereabouts.

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3 Responses to “Have You Seen Felix the Police Dog?”

  1. Howard Says:

    will frump get any thanks for this?  duh…no!  the big media outlets like the daily reflector and channel 12 never appreciate it when bloggers do their job for them.

  2. ahumannumber Says:

    F that pig!

  3. Ciaran Says:

    No, no that’s a dog.

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