Hillary Clinton Asks Yoda to be Running Mate

Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 4:48 pm ET

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Clinton shot down by Jedi Master. 

This past weekend Hillary Clinton traveled to Dagobah to persuade Yoda, the Jedi Master to join her in the fight against Obamania. Yoda is a citizen of Skywalker Ranch located near Nicasio, California.

Sources indicate that Clinton spent several hours in a tree house with Yoda discussing the effects of outsourcing on the Ewoks and gender discrimination among the Jedis. Senator Clinton felt Yoda’s use of the Force would be invaluable in winning over voters. Senator John McCain complained about Clinton taking the $10 billion dollar trip to persuade the Old Jedi Master as he tabbed a Maxim Magazine. The Clinton camp countered that it is unfair criticism considering Vice President Dick Cheney’s Halliburton allegedly has strong ties to the Empire.

Master Yoda was impressed but declined to join Clinton because he is registered as a Green. He also feels that her government is too similar to the failed Galactic Republic. He warned how the Dark Lord of the Stith dominated his galaxy by taking control of the Senate. Yoda is a senior member of the Jedi Council and enjoys spending his time watching Whose Line is It.

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2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Asks Yoda to be Running Mate”

  1. Cieron Says:

    I feel one thing is certain:  Yoda is Hillary’s only hope.  Kudos on “Obamania” as well.  Please tell me that’s yours.  I want so badly for that to be yours…  grin

  2. Jrock Says:

    I thought it was original until I Googled it. You have to move fast in this business, eh?

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