How to overreact:  By the New York Yankees

Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 7:35 am ET


Frumped by

digging it up

Step 1.  Threaten legal action

Step 2.  Use big words like “dastardly”

Step 3.  Take picture of serious-looking construction executive holding a jersey like the guards at Shawshank holding the escape tools of Andy Duphrane

While I am not a huge fan of professional baseball, this is just another example of why the Red Sox – Yankee rivalry is by far the greatest in pro sports.  I mean, this is a high-school styled prank, akin to using weed killer to write on your rival school’s football field before you play them.  

In case you have been living under a rock, evidently a Saax fan working on the concrete crew at the new Yankee stadium stuck a David Ortiz jersey in the dirt below a slab, then covered it in 2 feet of concrete to “jinx” the bombers for all their years in their new park. The Yanks promptly chipped out the 2 feet of concrete to remove Big Papi’s jersey from the bowels of their new park and are pissed about it.    

Source:  New York Times.

Great idea, poor execution by the offending party.  Rule 1 of something like this is to not tell anyone until it is too late for the enemy to do anything about it.  If the Yanks had any balls at all, they would not threaten legal action but instead challenge Yankee nation to serve some street justice and prank the Saax but NOOOOOOOOOOOO they have to go all ‘grown ass man’ on us and take the fun away.  Just another reason to hate the Yankees.


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One Response to “How to overreact:  By the New York Yankees”

  1. Jrock Says:

    I wonder if this gem first leaked during St. Patrick’s Day. You know how they get down in Beantown. lol

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