I Guess This Year’s Iron Bowl Has Lost a Bit of Its Luster…

Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 3:12 pm ET

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Auburn fans are cancelling their annual beat bama parties this year

In case you can’t quite read that, let’s just say it’s probably safe to assume that the ole white flag of surrender is already flying above Toomer’s Corner.  Apparently Auburn fans across the state are canceling their annual “Beat Bama” parties in anticipation of a good, old fashioned beatdown at the tusks of the #1 ranked Crimson Tide next weekend.  Sad, but true.  More on this, and, some photos from past “Beat Bama” parties after the jump…

Beat Bama Cougs, et alYou know, you don’t just cancel a “Beat Bama” party unless you’re expecting a woodshedding of epic proportions, and maybe such expectations are warranted this year, but still, how about growing some balls, Tigers/War Eagles/whatever you want to be called.  Moreover, based on what can be seen in the Huntsville-Madison County Auburn Club’s photo gallery, are you telling me y’all really want to miss out on that level of debauchery?   

Debauchery from the Beat Bama PartyBud Light, underpaid servers in tuxes, THE LADIES, ritalinless kids screaming and running around aimlessly?  You’re gonna forgo all that just because of a pending blowout?  How about a little perspective, Plains People.  I mean, look at that spread.  And is that Santa Claus dressed up in Auburn attire? In November?  How did y’all swing that one?

Listen, I know being 5-6, and needing to knock off your undefeated, #1 ranked bitter rival, in Tuscaloosa no less, to even become Bowl eligible isn’t exactly the most promising of scenarios, but take heart.  After all, you’ve beaten Bama 6 years running, and all while Coach Tubs, the guy so many of you are itchin’ to pink slip, was at the helm.  Food, glorious Auburn food...  

Well, Coach TT is still there, and you’ve definitely got the series Mojo working in your favor (kinda like the guy that apparenlty won a door prize down there).  Who knows, with a little luck, maybe you can sneak up on ’em.  Pull off a shocker.  I mean, at this point, since your annual bender is cancelled, what else do you have to lose? 

Let’s do this, Auburn.  Put the parties back on, take down the white flag of defeat, and, come November 29th, Santa Claus is apparently an Auburn fan...for the right pricethrow up some of that white toilet tissue of victory like y’all like to do…

Door prizes?  You're really going to give up door prizes?  

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One Response to “I Guess This Year’s Iron Bowl Has Lost a Bit of Its Luster…”

  1. The GingerHead Man Says:

    I’m an ACC dood all the way, but this really saddens me.  First of all, some of those moms up there are hot as fire.  Secondly, the Iron Bowl is the most bitter rivalry in college football, to me.  Sure, Oregon v. Oregon St. (The Civil War) is good, considering they throw poo on each other, but it’s no Iron Bowl.

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