I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited for some Beavers

Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 11:23 am ET

College Football

Frumped by

Benny Beaver fended off the Trojans Thursday night in Corvalis

On a brisk Thursday night in which the nation fully expected, and rightfully so, some Trojans to really stick it to a bunch of Beavers, the Beavers pulled a shocker, came hard, and came out on top.  Oregon State’s improbable 27-20 victory makes it two in a row now over USC in Corvallis, and significantly shakes up the 2008 college football landscape. This was supposed an easy conquest for Southern Cal, but they came out flacid; their confidence, enthusiasm and morale appeared low from the start, and they could just never get it up. 

The Trojans’ vaunted offense, expected to come into Corvallis and mercilessly penetrate through and score, multiple times, on an inexperienced and previously slayed Beaver defense, was held in check for nearly the entire night.  The Trojan defense, commonly considered to be the nation’s best, and expected to at least provide a reservoir like protection and containment of any Beaver advances, was gashed, battered, broken and busted wide open by a resilient, grinding Beavers’ offense.  Trojan fans certainly learned that, despite how good the odds are, the only sure way to ensure you don’t get exposed is to simply not step on the playing field at all, but we all know that’s not a reasonable alternative.

The only question that remains now is whether the pollsters will actually be able to convince themselves to drop USC to #2.  We all know they don’t want to.  Congratulations, Beavers.  I would have paid a pretty penny to be up in that stadium of yours last night, dancing on your field, smelling your majestic Oregon aromas.  Maybe some other time.  2010?

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