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Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 6:00 pm ET

College Football

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There’s been a lot of hoopla about ESPN allegedly dropping the ball by not running the clip of the Dawgs’ Knowshon Moreno hurdling a Chippewa defender (or really any highlights from the game) last Saturday through the ole Bristol Hype Machine.  I think they may have finally got around to showing it on, like, Tuesday or something, but for it to not even make the package for Gameday Final is beyond me.  The #2 team in the country, SEC East leaders putting a beatdown on the defending MAC champions isn’t all that newsworthy, I agree.  But a Heisman candidate doing some of the things Knowshon did here?  This could have been Moreno’s “Heisman Hype Clip”, ala Charles Woodson’s one handed pick or something, but instead we don’t even get a little taste of the glory?  To see what it tastes like?  Come on, Bristol.  

Anyways, I won’t drop “conspiracy” outside of quotation marks (yet), but I will say that the likelihood of this happening to Beanie Wells or Tebow, or anyone on the USC roster, is extremely low.  ESPN has their favorites, and they have their reasons (arguably good reasons).  I understand ESPN is a business first and foremost, I just think they should run that as a disclaimer from time to time in their Bottom Line ticker or something…

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  1. drivebyjustin Says:

    dude…could that song be *more* annoying?

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